SiteTravelPro Review & Site Travel Pro Demo

SiteTravelPro Review & Site Travel Pro Demo

SiteTravelPro Review & Site Travel Pro Demo

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In this video, I will do a Site Travel Pro review and SiteTravelPro demo for you. I will take you inside the cloud-based member’s area and create a site from scratch. I will show you all of the customizable options inside Site Travel Pro.

What is SiteTravelPro?

Site Travel Pro is a cloud-based web app that allows you to build automated travel websites within seconds. These sites are self-updating, which means you do very little work to maintain them.

Can I monetize my sites with SiteTravelPro?

Of course! There are many ways to monetize your SiteTravelPro sites. You just add your affiliate codes and when someone clicks on a link on your site and books a hotel, airline ticket or car parking, you get a commission! Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, plus there’s the ability to add banner ads & Google Adsense ads. Plus, you can even add an option form, Facebook pixels, Google pixels and an Amazon affiliate store (OTO required).

Is it hard to build a site with SiteTravelPro?

No, all you have to do is name your site and where you want it installed, and within 60 seconds you will have your very own travel website!

Can you customize your SiteTravelPro website?

Yes! You can customize the logo, favicon, banner ads, blog posts, pages, site title, site description and more!

What do I get when I purchase today?

A complete travel website builder that comes loaded with 700,000+ hotels, 4,000 airlines, 40,000+ top places to visit and 10,000+ car parkings.

You can create up to 10 travel websites with the front end license, and unlimited with OTO1.

30 reseller license as a special bonus, during launch only.

Series of in-depth training to show you every step, or just re-watch this video!

Automatically update your site with blog posts by adding relevant RSS feeds to your site, ensuring that your site is never outdated.

Passive income with thousands of affiliate offers.

Please click on the link below for more information, including upsells and bonuses.

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