Secret Traffic Hack Review And Demo

Secret Traffic Hack Review And Demo

Secret Traffic Hack Review And Demo

– Get Secret Traffic Hack Review

In this video, I will do a Secret Traffic Hack review for you. Secret traffic Hack is a 6-video training course that teaches you how to leverage the true power of Google Calendar to your advantage.

By doing this, you can send unlimited messages (both email and push notifications) for free. You can send them any message you like. You can include links in your message and even attach files. No experience is needed. The only thing you need is a Google account… that’s IT! It will even add your event to their calendar automatically. Pretty cool!

So here’s what you’ll be taught inside the 6-video training course:

1. How to send push notifications, calendar events and emails to absolutely anyone.

2. How to build an instant email list for free without needing an autoresponder.

3. How to tap into thousands of pre-built lists with users just waiting to receive your emails.

4. The secret “loophole” that allows you to send these messages to an unlimited number of people.

You can do so much with the Secret Traffic Hack, including promoting your website, social media channels or affiliate products. The possibilities are endless.

After purchasing the Secret Traffic Hack, you will receive a PDF file with all of the details, including links to all 6 videos that you will need to watch.

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– Get Secret Traffic Hack Review

Hello and welcome to my secret traffic Hack review in this secret traffic hack Review I’m going to show you everything There is to know about secret traffic Hack and I’m actually going to show you In to the members area of secret traffic Hack and I’m going to tell you what Secret traffic hack is all about so Um I’m going to take you inside the Product here in just a second but I’m Just going to explain right here what It’s about so from the sales page the First top of the sales page we see Notify thousands of new people every day In thousands of niches for free now it Says here no previous following and Email calendar invite and push Notification on demand for free without A website Social Media Chat chatbot or Autoresponder and there is a video here That you can watch and you can also take A look at the rest of the sales page on Your own Leisure I’ll go ahead and drop A link down below that’ll take you Directly to this sales page and you can Pick it up from this page if that’s Something that you’re interested in but Let me go ahead and explain a little More detail what this means so James and And Jeremy uh found a way to send emails To people without having an email list Without having an autoresponder without Doing social media traffic without Um a website so what they’re doing here

Is they’re harnessing the power of Google And they’re they’re specifically using Um Google Calendar to do this so what They’re doing is they’re inviting people On our Google Calendar to to attend an Event whether or not the event is A true event or not it doesn’t matter But they’re inviting people to attend This event and once people get this Invite they are getting uh emails sent To them you could put anything that you Want in this invite so it’s a free email Being sent to them you can put uh Links in there too so they can go to a Link you can put attachments in there so You can put a lead magnet in there if You want so Um what they’re going to do is as soon As you invite them they’re going to get This uh email In their Google account that says that You’ve been invited by you know what Whoever whoever and Um This is the details it’s going to give All of your details down there Everything that you put in there and It’s also going to send them a push Notification on their phone so it’s a Very very very powerful because you know How many people how many people have Phones in their pockets and when a push Notification goes off I don’t know about

You but as soon as the push notification Goes off of my phone immediately I grab It out of my pocket and I look to see Who where it came from I look to see who It is and they’re going to see this Invite and they’re going to think you Know who the heck is this who invited me I’m going to click on it and I want to See what this is all about and they’re Going to read what you have to say and They might click on the link that you Have in there whether it’s an affiliate Product or whatnot so this is very very Very powerful and Um it’s it’s completely free to do Um they’ll tell you in the in the Training that it’s completely legal to Do and Um You can message thousands upon thousands And thousands and thousands of people Now the one caveat to this is that you Can only message 250 people at a time But the secret traffic hack that they Found is that you can message an Unlimited amount of people by doing one Simple thing and that’s what they teach You in the simple traffic hack secret Traffic hack I’m going to teach you Everything they’re going to teach you uh What the process is how to go through Your calendar to do it and how to get How to send your emails out and how People get notified what your settings

That you should do and Um they’re they’re gonna they’re gonna Show show everything to you along with The hack that you can do that you can Send unlimited these things out so let Me go ahead and without further Ado let Me go ahead and pop up the product and This is the actual product that you’re Gonna get this comes in a PDF file There’s nothing to read Okay just because it comes in a PDF file Doesn’t mean that it’s a fully text Training so Um what this is is if you scroll down Here you can get the the full funnel There and Um These are all training videos so you Would click on each of the uh training Video the play button and we’ll open up A YouTube window and it will go ahead And play your training so we got I Believe six of them let’s go go ahead And scroll down and through here and I Do believe there’s six training videos Okay so there are six training videos And everything that you need to know From how to set it up to how to send Your emails Um how to how to store where you’re Going to store your email your email Addresses in there Um Along with they’re going to show you

Some resources that you can do if you Want to go ahead and go out and find Your find the the Um some really uh high quality good Email addresses they’re going to show You how to do that also they’re going to Show you how to tap into Google To Get some already Collected email addresses for you for Free so they’ll show you how to do that As well so let me pull up this is a Slide And pull up the slide here And this is actually a slide from their First video and I just wanted to show You this real quick because this takes Everything and put puts it down in a Nutshell so here’s what they teach you How to send a push notification calendar Events and emails to anyone how to build An instant email list for free without An autoresponder and how to tap into Thousands of pre-built lists and like I Said you can use this technique to send Anything you want to people whether it Be League magnets whether it be links to Your website whether it be links to your Videos Or send them videos that they can Download Anything you can send them literally Anything And since you’re using here’s the best

Part about this since you’re using Google To send them these things Google is Going to put the these emails in their Inbox every single time Google will Never penalize itself these will not go To Spam folders they will go straight to The inboxes and they as long as the Person that’s receiving the email has Google Calendar installed on their phone They will get push notifications that They got that on their phone so I hope You found this video helpful on secret Traffic hack review if you enjoyed my Secret traffic hack review please leave A comment down below also Um like the video and subscribe to the Channel as there’s more videos coming Just like this one so thank you for Watching and I’ll see you in the next Video

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