ProfitVibe Review

ProfitVibe Review

ProfitVibe review

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In this profit Vibe review I’m going to Be showing you a software that’s going To allow you to start your own music Service and stream unlimited songs for Yourself or even sell access to others And make sure you stay to the end of This review as I’m also going to show You all the different otos and upgrades I can get a discount on every single one Of them including a discount on the Offer you see on the sales page if You’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate Marketer I do these reviews every single Day so that you can get the best deals And upcoming software and courses if at Any point during this review you want to Take a look at profit Vibe just go ahead And click that link below also please Like this video it really helps out my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and Make sure you hit that subscribe button And Bell notification last thing before We jump in here I just want to show you My bonus page I’ve got a ton of extra Bonuses that you’re going to be getting If you purchase this through my link all These bonuses will be waiting for you Right inside of warrior plus after you Purchase through my link let’s take a Look at the sales page here together it Says brand new Spotify killer lets you Start your own music service stream Unlimited songs for yourself and sell

Access to others your very own music Streaming service awaits cancel your Spotify Apple music subscriptions today So essentially you can start a music Streaming service you can listen to it Yourself if you want it has 100 million Songs in it sell access to others you Can do unlimited streaming unlimited Playlists unlimited music videos Built-in lyrics unlimited skips it’s got A hundred million plus songs included You can sell this as a service to people Essentially it’s your own little music Application here so you log into the Software and you start your own Streaming service step two you listen to The music and profit Vibe without having Ever to pay again and you can monetize Profit by by selling access to others And by selling affiliate offers inside So it’s up to you how you want to do That now they say that they have proof That this software gets traffic I don’t Know if this is from here and this these Income screenshots are them from them Selling software but so it has nothing To do with that so if you’re going to Purchase it don’t purchase it based upon That purchase it based upon the fact That you want a software that’s going to Do this for you now you can see the Music streaming Market it’s said to Become a 60 billion dollar industry so It’s really popular I don’t think you

Need to be told that essentially if you Do purchase you get access to all these Different things here you can create Your own music streaming service with One click sell access to others you can Monetize with affiliate offers and Built-in ads unrestricted access for Yourself and your clients AI Tech makes The platform self update for you Unlimited streaming built in lyrics Inside commercial license included right On the front end here so I’m going to Play a quick video explaining this a Little bit more then I’m going to come Back and show you the backend area and The otos what if you could have your Very own music streaming service That you can either use to listen to Premium music for free Or use it to monetize it and share this Content with other people and you can Monetize it through ads different offers That you can promote on your own Streaming service exactly like Spotify This is all possible with profit Vibe Within profit Vibe you’re going to get Access to a full app Where you’re going to have control over Your own user base you’ll be able to Edit it however you want to and so much More so let’s just dive in into the most Important features of profit vibe Right here I have already included it With my own Spotify ID

So now all of these songs that people Search for or listen to will be credited To me in my Spotify account so for Example if I want to listen to shape of You you’ll see it pulls up the video on The right side music starts here and you Can see the length of it you can either Toggle video to see it full screen and You also have your very own playlist Specially created for you that you can Just let play and you’ll see on the Right side here all of the songs that Profit Vibe has tailored for you Depending on the song that you first Picked now this is all great if you want To use profit vibe to listen to songs Without any ads like Spotify Premium Does but how can you monetize it so We’re going to head over into your very Own admin area where we have all of the Statistics here and let’s just go Through all of them quickly so we have The analytics page which is going to Help you in seeing which subscriptions Are best And what songs people listen to most Next you can change your site’s Appearance however you want to by Picking different logos picking Different landing pages if you want to Create your very own theme that’s Possible You can also even re-barrant profit Vibe And put your own name here so it comes

With a full commercial license to sell This service to other people next we Have a plethora of settings that we can Go through and customize to make sure That we offer exactly what we want to in Within our own app We have plans and subscriptions that People can sign up for as you can see Here I’ve created a couple of plans we Have the pro regular and Enterprise at Different prices and they’re all charged Monthly you can also charge them yearly And put whatever price you want this is Sort of a your very own Spotify Premium Subscription if you want to remove the Ads from your site or act exactly like Spotify Premium And like subscriptions we can see all of The users that have our subscriptions And what they bought We can also upload our own songs our own Channels our own artists albums tracks Genres if we don’t want to do it Directly from Spotify as you can see Right here we have all of our data Providers which is for us Spotify and With our very own Spotify ID and Spotify Secret We then also have a Linux provider so Users can check out the lyrics In real time as they’re looking Our listening to their preferred song Next if you want to have your own Artists on profit Vibe that’s also

Possible and you can allow them to Upload their own albums tracks or Anything you want And they’re going to show up right here In the requests and you’ll be able to Approve or deny any requests so you can Have full control over your very own Music streaming service You can see all of the comments here if Any users want to suggest any Improvements or any problems with the App you can see them right here and then Forward them to us if there is anything That we can fix or help you with You can see all of your users under the User Tab and manage them just as you Would with a fully fledged web Application next we have the roles where You can assign different roles to people And you can create different roles to Make sure that they have Exactly the permissions that you want Them to have as you can see right here They can have all of these permissions That you can play around with to create Your perfect plan and subscription you Have a bunch of custom pages that you Can use including privacy policy terms Of service and about us if you can edit And make sure they reflect your business You can see all of the files that your Customers upload so you can manage them And make sure they’re within your times Of service

And last but not least you can add your Own ads and you can see how or where They’re going to appear right here You can add either banners or just Simple text and they’re going to appear On your entire website everywhere people Look to make sure your engagement is Maximized and with our PDF training that Covers each of these settings and helps You in launching your own music Streaming service purchasing profit Vibe Is a no-brainer so check it out right Now and I can’t wait to see you inside Okay so we are back so this is the Backend area that you have access to After you purchase we’ve got all like Your songs and everything in here Everything your songs your albums your Artist your playlists again this is what You’ll have access to and the thing that You’ll be able to have access to for Your clients now there are multiple Upgrades uh the first one one thing I Didn’t show you by the way is that if You move your mouse away on the sales Page most likely a discount will pop up There so try doing it I always like to Tell you guys to try that I always want You to get the lowest price please hit That like button same thing with the Otos a lot of times if you move your Mouse away on these or if you click the The no thanks button on the otos a Discount could potentially pop up here

Let me try that one here we go you can Get this discount there we go discount Came up for you so make sure that you do That I always want you guys to get the Lowest prices on these now this first Upgrade you’re going to see here is Going to give you the access to have uh Says you’re locking your own Netflix Killer and dedicated video player with This so you can upgrade and get the the Video killer for this one the next one That you’re going to see access to Is it says the Enterprise version so It’s going to give you more features Done for you Etc next one here is a some kind of a Profit system it’s an optional upgrade Next one here is you get all their Best-selling present and future products Again you’re going to want to click no Thanks on all these and the last one is A resale license you can actually sell This keep all the money click the no Thanks button all these otos are Optional pick and choose the ones that You want and forget the ones that you Don’t okay so what do I like about Profit Vibe and what don’t I like about It if I just say something that I don’t Like about it it’s pretty hypey they’ve Got a lot of crazy screenshots on the Sales page if you’re going to purchase It don’t purchase it based upon those Purchase it based upon what it does and

Not on that hype what do I like about This I’ve never seen anything like this Before this is kind of a neat idea this Is something that you’d like to do that You’re excited about as well whether you Want to use it for your personal use or You want to sell it as a service then Check this out thank you so much for Checking out my profit Vibe review if You want to take a look at it go ahead And click that link below also please Like this video it really helps out on The YouTube channel and I appreciate it And make sure you hit that subscribe Button and below notification as always Thank you so much for watching and I’ll See you again in my next review video Thanks

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