Namecheap Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals Are LIVE!

Namecheap Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals Are LIVE!

Namecheap Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals Are Now LIVE!

– Get all the Namecheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here.

In this video, I will show you some amazing Namecheap Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. These deals are live until December 9, 2022, so you have plenty of time to decide to pick up any of these incredible deals. Here are some of the deals:

– Domains
– Shared Web Hosting
– Emails
….and much more!

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– Get all the Namecheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here.

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In this video I’m going to go over some Killer name cheap Black Friday deals so I found these today on and They are some awesome Black Friday deals That are going on from now until December the 9th this covers Black Friday and Cyber Monday Um and they are really some good deals If you’re looking for domains or vps’s Or vpns Ssls they pretty much have it all on Sale and I’m going to go over that with You here just uh right now so the Black Friday Cyber Monday uh sale is down here So what you will need to do is go to the Link uh click on the link below that’s An affiliate link I’d appreciate if you Use that link Um if you click on the link down below Or click on the link down below and then Once you get to this name cheap home Page here you would scroll down just a Little bit until you see the Black Friday Cyber Monday it’s in a black Black box I think you would just click On that black box it’s up to 97 off So you would scroll down here and then If you’re looking for hosting and emails Or domains or web security or business Toolkits you’ll get some pretty good Deals on these so if I’ll just scroll Down and show you what you can get so This is my favorite here’s I was Actually hoping to get some of these

Deals over Black Friday and I was able To uh But I bought like domains so Um this is a really good price for Domain 598 a year I’ve been searching Around and I haven’t found anything Cheaper than that so is The cheapest that I found at 5.98. Um for the first year and then you can Uh go go ahead and look at the rest of Them so there’s and then they’ve got dot AIS and iOS and xyz’s and uh these are The most popular ones that people like To buy that I’ve seen And they are all on sale so take a look At that you just need to click on um Well you don’t really need to click on It you just need to register your next Domain just click on register your next Domain and then just type it in here and It’ll give you the discount but you got To make sure that you apply the promo Code when you check out so you would Just need to click here this little Button with the promo code in it and Then it copied it to the clipboard so That when you go to your when you go to Your checkout after you put your what You’re wanting to buy in the checkout When you’re ready to check out go to Your checkout and then uh put in this as Your coupon code and then it will take Your uh start your discount off now I’ve

Noticed that um if you put everything in Your cart you apply the discount your Coupon code but then you go back out of Your cart and then you go back into your Cart the discount code is still there But everything’s back to regular price So just hit that coupon code again Submit that coupon code again and it’ll Go back to the sale price Um let me scroll down here and show you What else uh they’ve got they’ve got Um Domain transfers So these are domain transfers here Um Home Advantage shared hosting so this Is cheap if you just want shared hosting Shared web hosting just for a few sites This you can’t beat this I’ve got Namecheap shared hosting on just a few Sites and I really really like it it’s 1188 for the first year Um so you would just click the get Hosting for the Stellar you can get Three websites Um the Stellar plus is 1988 for the First year that’s that’s a year 1988 a Year it’s in the Stellar business is uh 33.88 A year if you’re wanting shared web Hosting uh this is easy WordPress Um just you can do WordPress on this one And Um 1488 for a year for the starter turbo Is 28.88 a year and supersonic is 34.88

A year And then the VPS here we have VPS and Just make sure that you apply these Promo codes when you check out here You may have to do these separate so if You’re getting some dot coms you may Want to do that separate from the I Don’t know if you can do more than one Promo code though so keep that in mind As well you may have to check out Separate if you’re doing more than one Product VPS 488 a month It gives you two two CPU cores two Gigabytes of RAM 40 gigabytes rate and 1 000 gigabytes of bandwidth and then it Just goes up from there from 1088 a Month to 21.88 a month Now uh we got emails professional email Starters one may one email for 988 three For 2088 and five for thirty eighty Eight And that is a year And this is SSL certificates so positive SSL uh one website is 420 a year Um Positive SSL for 100 websites up to 100 websites is uh 17.55 a year And then Um For Uh The wild card here is for big personal

Websites for 32.99 a year Okay and You can change your years here But your pricing changes the more the More you get the less they go The more of a discount you get and then There’s a couple more instant SSL for 15.99 a year and then EV SSL for 29.99 a Year And Um VPN I actually got this I had this I Got this last year and I really like This Um if you will just want a simple VPN Um just to change your IP for uh like Netflix or something like that Um this you this is you can’t go wrong With this it’s 888 for one full year so I went ahead and got this again because I was so impressed about what I got last Year So you can unblock web services you can Access uncensored news you can protect All of your devices Um And if you’re in a location where you Can’t get access to something because You’re in the wrong country or whatever Then this is a really good way to get Access because you can spoof where You’re at Um premium DNS Um Upgrade your DNS server and we can do

That for 298 a year it’s usually 488 And Relate I’m not 100 sure exactly what This is I’ve never heard of this before This looks like make looks like some Kind of a social media management tool And you can get that for 1888 for the First year uh the essential and then the Pro is 48.88 a year you might want to Take a look at that one yourself like I Said I’ve never heard of that one before So I’m not sure exactly how that works This is re relate reviews I’m not sure Exactly what that is either so Um take a look at that one yourself Relate legal just file it I’m not sure What that is either Um register your business name okay You can register your business name And uh cyber Insurance you can get Cyber Insurance for 650 a month paid yearly Visual Perfect designs tool Uh 525 a month and then the unlimited Seven dollars a month There’s a site maker for 388 a month one Site maker website And you can do okay free logo maker is Down here at the bottom Uh business card maker is 27.88 a pack And uh looks like a pack is 250 pack 250 Business cards so and then you get into What is each service you can read all of That if you want

So I hope you found this video helpful This is all the Black Friday deals for Uh namecheap this year like I said You’re going to need to cut out the Promo codes and put those in the coupon Codes when you check out I’m not sure if You can use more than one coupon code in A uh in one checkout So you might have to check out more than Once if you purchase more than one Product so be sure to click that link Down below to get these offers I Appreciate that if you would do so thank You so much for watching this video Until the End and I’ll see you in the Next video

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