Midjourney v5 Is Coming As Early As THIS WEEK!! Midjourney Version 5 News

Midjourney v5 Is Coming As Early As THIS WEEK!! Midjourney Version 5 News

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Midjourney v5 is almost here!! Midjourney just today announced in their Discord channel that ”we’re going to try to release v5 this week”.

This is super hopeful since users have been anxiously awaiting the new version for the last few months.

If you’re a paying Midjourney user, you can help rate images for the new version. Just head on over to Midjourney in Discord and go to the announcements section.

What would you like to see in Midjourney version 5? Comment below!

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Hey guys this is just a really quick Video here I just wanted to let you know That mid-journey version 5 is hopefully Coming this week companies made an Announcement today right here on their Discord that says we’re going to try to Release version 5 this week you’ve been Super helpful with the previous image Ratings if you do have a paid Subscription to Mid Journey as of right Now you can go ahead and click on these Two Links right here and that will allow you To run a couple tests for them uh Basically click on a link here and Select the image that you like best you Would just select the image that you Like the best and some of these images Are really really cool and this is not a Final product of what version 5 will Look like they just want you to select The style that you like the best and you Just click on each one that you like the Best and that is the first link and then You’ll just click on the second link as Well and here you’ll select the image That you like the best here and these Ones are two similar images so you’ll Select the ones that you like the best Here this one has a lot more detail over Here on the right so I’m going to click On that one and you just go through it Shows you a tally of how many how many You’ve rated and all of that so if you

Want to kind of get a a sneak peek of What version five is going to look like Then you can go ahead and do the fees However this isn’t a final product of What version 5 is going to look like and People’s also shared it in here as well There is uh somewhere a rating party That you can go to so if you go here to Rating party And if the images do load And people are posting the images they Like they like the best and in order to Get those All the announcements go up here to info And announcements and that’ll give you What I just showed you along with the Two links to go ahead and help them rate Them so I hope you found this video Helpful to you if you did please give a Like below I’ll also do another video When version 5 does get released Hopefully later this week hopefully in a Few days thank you for watching and I’ll See you in the next video

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