How To Use ChatGPT To Create Blog Post Articles For Your Website

How To Use ChatGPT To Create Blog Post Articles For Your Website

How To Use ChatGPT To Create Blog Post Articles For Your Website

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00:00 How to create blog articles with ChatGPT
00:24 Getting the title for our ChatGPT blog post
02:03 Title generation from ChatGPT
03:13 Asking ChatGPT to create a blog outline
04:02 The ChatGPT generated outline
05:16 Generating the ChatGPT blog article
07:36 How to make ChatGPT keep writing when it reaches its limit
09:22 Checking how many words ChatGPT generated
10:41 What you can do with your ChatGPT blog article
10:59 Conclusion to writing ChatGPT blog posts

Welcome to our video on how to use ChatGPT to create blog post articles for your website. In this video, I will show you how to create blog post articles for your website using ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a computer program that can understand and respond to human language. It’s kind of like having a conversation with a robot, but instead of buttons or a touchscreen, you type out what you want to say and ChatGPT types out what it wants to say back to you. It’s designed to understand and respond to a wide variety of questions and topics, and it’s getting better at it all the time. Think of it as a very clever computer that can talk to you and answer your questions, just like a human friend would.

So ChatGPT is a type of software called a language model. This means that it’s been trained on a lot of text, like books, articles, and websites, so it can understand and generate text in a way that’s similar to how humans do. It uses this knowledge to respond to the things you type to it, like answering questions or having a conversation.

To put it simpler, imagine ChatGPT as a robot that can read and write. It can read what you write and understand it, and then write back to you in a way that makes sense. It can talk about a lot of different things and answer a lot of different questions because it’s been taught a lot of information just like you learn in school. But it’s a computer program so it can process and understand information much faster than a human.

In this video, we will be showing you how to use ChatGPT, a variant of the GPT-3 language model, to generate high-quality blog content. ChatGPT has been specifically trained to generate human-like text in a chatbot setting, making it a powerful tool for creating engaging and natural-sounding content.

To get started, you’ll need to have access to ChatGPT and a text editor. We recommend using OpenAI’s API to access ChatGPT, as it allows you to easily integrate the model into your workflow.

This past few weeks I have been using chatgpt to improve my blog post titles and gain more clicks in the serps.

So far the results are amazing.

Thank you for watching this video on how to use ChatGPT to write blog post articles for your website. If you found this video helpful to you, be sure to like and subscribe.

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In this video I’m going to show you how To create blog posts with chat GPT chat GPT is a really good tool for blog posts And articles I find that it’s very accurate and it Writes very very well detailed Descriptions as long as you tell it to So let’s go ahead and get started here And what I’ve told chat GPT here is I’ve Told it to forget all previous Conversations now you’re going to make Sure that you want to use a new chat for This and you just click on new chat at The Top If you don’t already have a new Chat but I find that if I tell it to Forget all previous conversations it’s Going to write a little bit better Content at least for me you can do it Any way you want but for me if I put That in there it works a little bit Better Next I tell it that it’s an expert And what do you want to write about and In this case I want to write about Finance so I’m telling it that you’re an Expert in finance And next I’m going to tell it’s task so Your task is simple you are to create a Very well written article well you were To create a very well written accurate And helpful article about finance that Tells it exactly what I wanted to do Next I’m going to give it a little more Detail what I wanted to do and I’m going

To tell it to please give me some ideas For an article titles only because Sometimes it’ll come up and it’ll write Some other stuff about what it could be Written about and stuff like that but I Just want the titles just to see what I Wanted to write about if you already Have an idea of what he wanted to write About You don’t have to give you don’t have to Put in give me some ideas just put a Write an outline for a article titled And what you wanted to title and you can Step skip this step but I’m going to Show you how this works from the start So let’s go ahead and I’m going to go Ahead and press enter and it’s going to Do its magic here so it’s going to tell Me Some titles of what I can write about so Let’s go through them and number one is The importance of saving early a Beginner’s guide to building a strong Financial Foundation Should do about 10 of them Investing 101 understanding the Different type of Investments and how to Choose the right ones retirement Planning How much you should be saving And what you what are your options To go through here real fast managing Debt the pros and cons of running versus Buying a home

Estate planning understanding different Types of insurance and how they protect Your finances the impact of inflation on Your money socially responsible Investing and the role of financial Advisors How to choose the right one and one to Expect from the relationship so these Are all really really good I could write about all of them if I Want and put them into a website So what I want to do here is I think I’m Going to go with number two investing 101. so This is what I’m going to tell it to do Okay so I’m going to tell it to write an Outline for a blog post based on number Two so I chose investing 101 and that’s Number two remember this must be Accurate informative and helpful and I Put must in capital letters so it knows That that is very very important to me At least one thousand words please you Can put in any type of anything that you Want thousand words 750 words 500 Words 250 words 1500 words 2 000 words and It’s going to try to do that in most Cases it probably won’t Get to what you want but it should be Somewhat close and then be as detailed As possible and let’s go ahead and press Enter and we’re going to let it do its Magic Okay so this is what it’s come up with

This is the outline so it gives us an Outline in multiple headings Introduction types of Investments stocks Bonds mutual funds exchange traded funds Real estate other types of Investments How to choose the right investment and It’s going to write about the Sub sub Bullets here so under the introduction First it’s going to explain the Importance of investing then it’s going To give you a definition of investing in Types of Investments and then it’s going To give me the purpose of the article Which is to provide a beginner’s guide To understanding and choosing different Types of Investments and it’s going to Go ahead and go down here in each one Under stocks it’s going to explain how Stocks work and risk and potential Returns of Investments and basically It’s going to do the same for each one And if you go down it’s just It’s just telling you what it’s going to Write about And it says note here at the bottom this Is a basic outline the actual article Would be more detailed it would include Examples statistics and explanations of The concepts mentioned above and would Be at least 1 000 words so that’s Exactly what we told it we wanted it to So Next I’m telling it to write a blog Article based on the outline above

Include headings but exclude numbered or Bulleted lists because I find that Numbered and bulleted lists it really Does it a lot in each one I don’t want Numbered and bulletin lists on every Heading because it seems like it will Put it under every heading so I tell it To exclude the numbered or bulleted list Now you can you can have it included if You want if that’s the way you want your Article written but for me I don’t like My articles written that way so I will Exclude them Also I put remember this must be Accurate informative and helpful and be As detailed as possible so I’m telling It that again just to make sure that it Knows that this is very important that To me I’m going to put And At least 1000 words please okay I’m gonna put That as well just to make sure that I That it knows which it does because it Says it would be at least one thousand Words okay so Let’s go ahead and press enter and now It’s going to create my blog post okay So this is what it’s come up with here’s Our first heading which is the Introduction and this is the Introduction paragraph here and then This is the purpose here is underneath And if we go back up to our outline

Explanation the importance and the Purpose in the definition and it’s got The definition in here as well somewhere And next we’re going to look at the next Heading which is types of Investments it Lists stocks bonds mutual funds exchange Exchange traded funds real estate and Other types CDs and savings account and Here is our next one how to choose the Right investment now you notice it Didn’t write the entire article at once It has some sort of a character limit I’m not sure exactly what character Limit is but if you do write a long very Long article like we’re doing right now It will not write the whole thing at Once so what you’re going to have to do Is you’re going to have to let it stop Like we did here it stops in the middle Of the article see here are a few things Too and then it stops so all we have to Do is come down here and we have to tell It To continue and we’re going to press Enter here are a few things to keep in Mind when making investment decisions And it keeps going but here we go with Our bulleted things I’m going to let it Go and see what it does so we’ll just Let it go okay so now that this is Complete I did put some bullets in here But it didn’t put that many so I’m just Going to leave it in there Or you could what we could do is say

Continue without bullets or numbered Lists To make sure it doesn’t do that again so What we’re going to do here is we’re Going to look down here and we’re going To look at the conclusion and it does Our next heading our third heading here And the fourth heading is a conclusion Then it gives me some references I’ve Actually never seen it do references Before obviously if you’re going to Include these references you need to Look them up to make sure that Everything’s correct you need to make Sure that everything’s correct anyway in Your article just to make sure that Everything is accurate even though we Told it to be accurate Most likely is But If um You’re going to put this on a website as An Authority website you’re going to Make sure that all the all the Information is correct and it gives me a Note down here this is General article To provide basic information is not Tailored to your specific financial Situation please consult a financial Advisor before making any investment Decisions so we can add that as well so Let’s go up and what we would do here is We would just copy Everything

Here and we would put it on our website But we want to see here how many Words That this actually built for us so I Told it one thousand words so let’s see How many words this actually built so I’m going to go over to a to a really Cool tool it’s called character counter And I’m just going to paste everything In here And Uh let’s see A few things too and we’ll space that Now Copy this And let’s take these references out And we’re going to leave the note in There okay so it’s pretty close 622 Characters and 986 words so like I said It’s not going to be perfect if you tell It a thousand words or 1500 words so now I’m going to be perfect but it will come Close it’s pretty close it’s within 14. 14 words so I’m pretty satisfied with That This would be a really good article for A financial website So you can also put as many words as you Want in here you know but make sure that You do it before you make the outline Because it’s going to make the outline Based on what you tell it to do so I hope that you found this video helpful Get out there start writing your blog

Post you can make this for your websites You could even you can even sell these Articles as well go on five or an offer Uh offer to sell them it’s really really Cool what you can do with chat GPT and This is just the beginning so I hope That you found this video helpful to you If you did please like below and also Subscribe to the channel there’s more a Lot more videos on chat GPT coming in The near future I want to thank you for Watching all the way until the end and I’ll see you in the next video

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