How To Remove Filler Words And Silences From Your Videos Automatically With

How To Remove Filler Words And Silences From Your Videos Automatically With

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How To Remove Filler Words And Silences From Your Videos Automatically With

In this video, I will show you how you can use a very popular video software, Pictory., to automatically remove filler words and silences from your videos with just 2 clicks. The software will automatically find your filler words (uh, um) and any silences, longer than the amount of seconds that you provide, and generate a new video for you.

Pictory can also generate closed captions and create highlights from any video you choose.

Here is the process to remove filler words and silences from your videos:

1. Click on the Process button in the purple section of your main Pictory dashboard labeled “Edit videos using text”
2. Upload your video from YouTube, your computer or Google Drive.
3. It will take a few minutes, so be patient. Pictory will transcribe your video so this may take a little bit of time.
4. Click next to the Subtitles (already enabled) so that subtitles aren’t encoded into your video, unless you want them.
5. Click the buttons next to Remove filler words and Remove silences.
6. Click the purple Generate Video button at the top of the screen.

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Get a Pictory free trial here: (affiliate link)

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00:00 Using Pictory to remove silences and filler words from your videos
01:27 Uploading your video to Pictory
02:23 Disabling Pictory subtitles
03:26 Removing Pictory filler words
04:13 Removing silences from your Pictory video
05:32 Conclusion

In this automatic video trim tutorial, you’ll learn how to automatically remove silences in video, online, in ONE click of a button! Removing silences from your video footage is usually time consuming and tedious. But it no longer needs to be – I’m going to show you how to remove silences from your videos automatically using a tool called Pictory.

In this video I'm going to show you a Feature of picturey that I've been using Now for a couple of weeks I think it's Very very helpful for anyone that is Creating videos so I am using this Specifically now to not just edit the Videos but I found a feature in here That will allows me to do something that Can Camtasia does not allow me to do and That is to automatically take out Pauses and automatically take out filler Words now if you're like me you talk With filler words all the time and that These filler words are Oz and OMS every Video that I'm doing now I'm put I'm Putting this through Pick 3 and I'm Letting Pick 3 take out the US and the Ums and all of my silence if I don't Need it so that will greatly reduce the Amount of time that it takes for you to Edit your videos with other editing Software such as Camtasia Kim stage is a Powerful tool but it just does not have This feature and I wish that it did Built in but it does not so what we'll Do is if you head on over to the Pick 3 Main screen if you don't have picture by The way you can get a free trial of it Just click on the link down below also Go ahead and if you want to go ahead and Get this you can go ahead and put in a Coupon code if it asks it's called the Coupon code is the lap life what we'll Do is we'll click on the purple link

Here that says edit videos using text And we'll click proceed so what I want You to do is you it wants you to input Your own file and you can do this in Multiple ways you can input your end File from YouTube like the YouTube video Link if you have a YouTube If you have The link already on video YouTube you Can go ahead and do it that way and it Will import it in you can also just drag And drop files from your computer or you Can connect it to your Google Drive and Get it from Google Drive but in this Instance I'm just going to do a demo Video for you just so that you can see How it works I'm going to click on this Demo video up at the top here and it's Going to automatically import a video Here so it will go ahead and upload your File your your video and it's going to Go ahead and transcribe the subtitles For you and your subtitles are going to Show over here along with the timing This is your option whether or not you Want the subtitles to show up in the Main video so in order for your Subtitles not to show up by default you Would click subtitles if not it's going To be ingrained in your video and you'll Have no choice but to see the subtitles In it so I always make sure the Subtitles is off And if you do want subtitles to show up Here you can also do some templates down

Here at the bottom which I don't usually Mess with another thing another cool Thing that you can do is you can Highlight parts of your video and you Can condense them you can condense these Already made videos into shorter ones And you can Auto highlight here going Say if you want if you only want 12 Seconds so you can do auto highlight It's automatically you're going to Highlight 12 seconds of your video I'm Going to go ahead and not highlight that But what I want to really show you here Is see where it says Ah and um and if I Click one little button that's going to Take all of them out so watch this over Here on the left what I'm going to do is I'm going to click this right here on The right it says remove filler words And just watch these over here and if I Enable this there they go they're gone But I can bring any of them back if I Wanted to just by clicking on the undo Button on each one and it will bring Them back each individually Also you can do a search and replace on The subtitles as well so if you're Finding that it's not getting your one Word or certain words or a phrase Correct you can go ahead and search for When it's not getting correct and then You can have it replace it and you can Always download your subtitles here in SRT vtt and txt format so we've removed

The filler words now so here are the Filler words and let me see if I can Find any pauses so here's a pause here With these little boxes it looks like And that's a big pause so what I'm going To do is over here on the right I'm Going to go ahead and remove silence I'm Going to click that to remove silence And we can tweak this to our whatever we Want so more than two seconds more than Three seconds more than one second so I'm going to keep it at two seconds and Click OK and there now it took all of my Silences off now what I'm going to do is I'm also so you can see that it's Actually doing this I'm going to go Ahead and take them off And I want you to look down here At the time of the video without any Editing the video time is 3 minutes and 53 seconds so it's going to remove your Filler words if I click that it's going To take it down to 3 minutes and 48 Seconds so it took five seconds off of That then if I remove the silence Any more than two seconds it's going to Take another five seconds off so it Saved me 10 seconds now when it also Takes this off it's also going to take The portion of your video off as well It's not just going to take your sound Off it's going to take that portion of The video off as well so keep that in Mind so if you do have Pick 3 go ahead

And play around with this it really is a Good feature I use this on every single Video That I upload now it's it's a huge huge Time Saver and if you want to try this Out for yourself you don't have Pick 3 Make sure you click on that link down Below sign up for a free trial remember Use that promo code hope you enjoyed This video if you did click the like Down below also click subscribe to see More demo videos on picture eat and Other reviews along with some chat GPT Stuff as well artificial intelligence And anything that will help you make Money so thank you for watching and I'll See you in the next video

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