How To Make Word Search Puzzles with ChatGPT and Puzzle Book Mastery

How To Make Word Search Puzzles with ChatGPT and Puzzle Book Mastery

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How To Make Word Search Puzzles with ChatGPT and Puzzle Book Mastery

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In this video, I will show you how you can use ChatGPT to overcome writer’s block when finding words for your puzzle books.

ChatGPT can suggest words for word search puzzles by analyzing a given theme or category and providing a list of relevant words that fit the criteria. ChatGPT can also suggest words based on a particular length, letter pattern, or difficulty level. Additionally, ChatGPT can suggest words based on current events, pop culture, or historical events.

Once you have your puzzle set with ChatGPT, you can copy that into a text file and upload it to Puzzle Book Mastery, which is a complete puzzle book creation software. You can create unlimited puzzles with that software, it’s amazing.

You have commercial rights to everything you create on Puzzle Book Mastery, so you can sell your completed books on Amazon KDP or any other print on demand platform.

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00:00 Introduction to how to make word search puzzles with ChatGPT
00:45 Getting our word search puzzle titles with ChatGPT
01:32 Getting the words for our word search puzzles in ChatGPT
05:39 How to make the puzzles in Puzzle Book Mastery
07:20 Conclusion to how to make word search puzzles with ChatGPT

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This ChatGPT Tutorial is a Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners. With the increase in popularity, ChatGPT is still unknown to many people. In this video, I will provide a crash course on different ways to use ChatGPT.

Whether you’re just starting out with ChatGPT or looking to take your skills to the next level, this tutorial has you covered. We’ll go over the limitations of ChatGPT and provide tips on how to get the most out of it.

OpenAI, which Elon Musk helped to co-found back in 2015, is the San Francisco-based startup that created ChatGPT. The company opened ChatGPT up for public testing in November 2022. In under a week, the artificial intelligence model amassed over a million users, according to OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman. By the end of January, ChatGPT was averaging about 13 million visitors per day. Users have had ChatGPT write everything from essays, to lyrics and even correct computer code. ChatGPT is part of a growing field of AI known as generative AI, which allows users to create brand new content including videos, music and text. But generative AI still faces a number of challenges, such as developing content that is inaccurate, biased or inappropriate. Now enterprises and the public are wondering what wide access to AI will mean for businesses and society.

In this video I'm going to show you how To create word search puzzles with chat GPT now if you're a puzzle Creator or if You want to know how to create puzzles And puzzle books to put on like Amazon KDP or or physically print them and sell Them then this is the video that you Want to watch now a lot of people have Writer's block when they come to wanting To find words for your puzzle books for Your word searches and with chat GPT Chat GPT will do everything for you it's Amazing and I'm going to show you how to Do it so What we're going to do this is what We're going to write first to give chat Gpt's First Command we can get chat GPT By clicking the link Down Below in the Description Box by the way so we're Going to tell it to give me 20 words or Phrases related to Christmas And I'm going to go ahead and press enter And it's going to give me 20 things that Are related to Christmas so we're going To go ahead and let it do its thing and You can do this on any topic Valentine's Day any any topic that you want okay so Here are the things that it come up with So here are 20 Related words and phrases To Christmas so now we can take each one Of these 20 and we can make each one Into its own page in our puzzle book so

We can make each one its own puzzle so This is what we're going to tell it to Do now and we're going to start from We're going to start from the first one At the top and we're going to go down All the way to 20. and when we do these Each individually and now we're going to Tell it to give me 20 words related to Holly which is number one and let's go Ahead and press enter And here we go Holly Berry holly leaves Christmas evergreen wreath decorations So these right here are our words that We're going to use in our puzzle books You can use however however many words That you want as long as the software That you're plugging this into that's Making the actual the actual puzzles for You can uh can support so This one so we can put bearing leaves Christmas evergreen wreath decoration Branch mistletoe festive Bush wreath Sprig tree Garland foliage berries icon Wood and you know we could put them all In there if we want I usually just do 10 But you can put them all in there if you Want and then you just go down the list And I'm gonna do next what I'm gonna do Okay give me 20 words related to Christmas tree And this is what it's going to come up With here we go ornament decoration Whites tinsel star Angel gifts Holly Mistletoe Garland candy canes presents

Some are you know Holly and mistletoe You may not want to include but you know The other ones are really really good Presents Santa you might not want to but Snowflake some people put like ornaments Of snowflakes And ribbons bows you know so this is the A perfect way for you to get everything That you need to make your books and It's very very easy to do you can get it Very very quick and then all you need to Do once you get that you would just need To plug it into a puzzle Book Creator And you're in luck if you're not Currently using one I have one that I Have used And it's it works perfect it's a great Piece of software and it's called puzzle Book mastery So all you would need to do is on your Word search puzzles so we'll take this One here and all you need to do is just Make a text file with all of the things That you want to use so let's just say We're going to use all 10 of these or All 20 of these we'll just say we want To use 10 of them okay so we'll add Those 10 okay so what you would do is You would put all of your words that you Want to use for this puzzle into its own Text file you want to do each puzzle on Its own text file you want to name it Name the actual file what you want the Title to be also the first line of the

Text file you want it to be the title What you want the title to be because The software will actually look at the First line and treat that as your title And then this will treat all the words Underneath of it you can add multiple Words and you can add up to 26 words in This software So what I did was I went ahead and put The the ones that I had that I wanted to Use for Christmas tree And I saved it in a text file called Christmas tree so now what we're going To do is we're going to come over to Puzzle book Mastery and you just want to Upload a word search now this software Can do a lot of other things like Cryptograms word matches work scrambles And long cryptograms so we can do other Things as well you're not just getting Just the word searches with this so if You go to word searches And then you would need to just drop Your file down here and so we'll take Our file and we'll drop it down in file Uploaded click the button to complete Processing allow up to 120 seconds so it Went ahead and instructed to do that and So what we're going to do now is our Word searches we can do anywhere between Uh 1 and 198 because I have 198 word Searches in there you can also go to Advanced now if you do If you do just this it's going to do

Randomly it's going to do a random uh Whatever you've got in there Whatever puzzles you have in there if You want specific puzzles in your puzzle Book you're going to have to go to Advanced and then you would just check Mark each one and I'm just going to enter 10 And this is just going to use what I Have saved in here once you actually Have some saved you can come into Advanced and then you can just check What you can do here is you can just Check mark each ones that you want to Use and then uh just I'm just going to Put 10 in and then make puzzles just so You can see what kind of puzzles this Makes and that quick it makes your Puzzles And it's really really cool how it works And this is the best software that I've Found that will create word search Puzzles because you can use this with Unlimited puzzles you can make unlimited Puzzles with this so and like I said not Only does it does it do the let me find It here where did I say puzzle types not Only can you do the words the word Search you can do the cryptograms of Sudokus the word matches the word Scrambles The number search you can do those as Well so You can do all of those with this

Software and I found that cryptograms Work really well as well and you can use Chat GPT to do cryptogram puzzles as Well so I hope you found this video Helpful to you if you're interested in The puzzle book master I'll have a link For that down below in the description Box so I appreciate watching this video To the end and I'll see you in the next Video thanks for watching please like And subscribe as well

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