How To Create Videos With ChatGPT and Pictory Step By Step

How To Create Videos With ChatGPT and Pictory Step By Step

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00:00: Introduction
00:19: Using ChatGPT to write your script
02:01: What is Pictory?
03:15: Making a video in Pictory
05:18: Choosing your Pictory template
07:52: Going over your visuals in Pictory
11:33: Background audio in Pictory
12:43: Voiceovers in Pictory
13:21: Optional – Using Speechelo’s high quality voiceovers instead
15:16: Uploading your Speechelo voiceover to Pictory
17:27: Generating your video in Pictory
18:47: Proof this method works
20:11: Conclusion

How To Create Videos With ChatGPT and Pictory Step By Step

In this video, I will show you how to make videos with ChatGPT and a video builder called Pictory. If you’re not familiar with Pictory, Pictory is a straight-up beast in video creation. You can make videos from scripts, articles already published on the internet and even add subtitles to any YouTube video that is embeddable. Truly amazing!

Be sure to watch the video above in its entirety because there are different ways I use each software to get max engagement. And I’ll even show you at the end what kind of engagement these videos get. I have a TikTok channel that I created just to test how well ChatGPT and Pictory work together, and I’m getting some great engagement from these videos.

The great thing about using ChatGPT and Pictory together in creating videos is that with ChatGPT, you do not need a copywriter or to write anything yourself. And with Pictory, you do not need to know how to make videos, the software does all of the heavy lifting for you. It will even sync your own voiceovers if you have them!

If you’re truly curious about the videos I’ve been doing, then check out my TikTok channel here (Follow too if you’re into that kind of stuff):

Thank you for watching my video on how to make videos with ChatGPT and Pictory. Be sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel below for more ChatGPT tutorials.

Get ChatGPT:
Get a Pictory free trial: (Use coupon “ROY15” for a 20% off coupon) (affiliate link)

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In this video I'm going to show you how To make videos using chat GPT I'm going To take you step by step from the first Process to the last process starting With chat GPT and we're going to take You through creating the video with Another software program called picture So to get started here we're going to Start with Chad tptgpt is an amazing Tool allows you to do a lot of Writing tasks with it it's a virtual Assistant it's really really cool if you Haven't signed up for it Get the link Down Below in the Description and sign up for it you're Really missing out if you're not using It so Um I've already got a topic for a video We're going to do I'm right now I'm Going to do a YouTube short you could do This for any type of YouTube video Whether it be a short video or a longer Type of video It doesn't matter so What I'm going to do is I'm going to go Ahead and tell it this okay so I'm going To tell it to write a 30 second YouTube Shorts video script on what are soul Mates and I'm going to go ahead and hit Enter and this is what it's going to Come up with and it's actually going to Come up with an actual script of what We're going to say and it starts out by Saying hi and Welcome to our Channel

We're going to talk about soul mates and It tells what a soulmate is and it's Should keep it down to a minimum so that We can get it into a 30 I tell it 30 Seconds because Sometimes it's a little longer than 30 Seconds once I add the voice over to it So this is what it gives me gives me an Informational thing a soulmate is a Person with whom you have a deep and Natural connection some people believe That Soul means yeah blah blah blah blah So this is perfect a perfect YouTube Short right here what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and and I'm going to go ahead and copy this and I'm going to go over to pick tree if you Don't know what picture is picturing is An amazing tool that allows you to Create videos on the Fly you don't have To be a video creator to do this uh it's Really is step by step if you've been in The the video creation process uh a Couple of years ago if you know anything About video creation he was there a Couple years ago you've heard of a Company most likely a company called Venomen you've heard of and vidnami was Bought out by GoDaddy GoDaddy decided to Take it down For some reason or another I don't know The Pick 3 I found is the best Alternative to vidnami and you're gonna See that this works really really well

And it really gets good engagement as Well so I'm going to go ahead and click On script to video there's other options That you could do here so go ahead Down Below in the description and click on The link below for Pick 3 or go to that you do get a free Trial with this and if you do decide to To get it I do have a coupon code down There for you where you can get 20 off Using my code so we're gonna go ahead And go to script to video And really all this is is just to copy And paste so we're just going to paste In what we have and before I do this I'm Going to put Um what is a Soul mate I like to have the title first Before anything That way when I upload shorts Um that's the very first thing that People hear is what is a soul mate they Know what the video is about same thing Because I upload everything to tick tock As well I'll upload The Tick Tock and I'll upload to Youtube shorts as well so These are these are amazing YouTube Shorts I'm telling you they are okay so The video name would be this is just for Your reference the video name up here at The top it would be and I typed this in Wrong what Are soul mates okay so what I'm gonna do Now is I'm going to separate these by

Lines so every so every sentence I'm Going to uh do a new line break on each Sentence that way Um I'll have a new slide after each Sentence so that looks like it's going To be a good video So we're going to go to scene settings And I don't like to highlight the Keywords in here because it really Doesn't do a really good job at Highlighting the keywords And based on the keywords it'll it'll Bring up uh video it'll bring up video Slides based on your keywords that it Create that it selects But I don't like it to do that so I turn It off Visual selection I leave on most of the Time I have to change the video Selection but sometimes it does create Decent ones but don't just don't just Create the video and be done with it you Go through actually do a little bit of Work and you'll see really see how Painless this is to do Create new scenes on both a sentence and Paragraph so I'll keep it at that and Then click proceed Now we're going to do our templates this Is what our video is kind of gonna or When our video is going to look like So you'll see that while the the Pictures change in the background that's

Going to be actually your video it's Going to be your pictures but the Template here shows what type of Background is behind the text and what Type of text it is using so you kind of Can look around and see It'll show the Position of the text as well so this one Is at the top this one's at the bottom This one's at the bottom so I like to do This corporate one this is the one I Like to do mostly so I'll click select And since I'm doing a short I'm going to Select the 9 by 16 vertical you can do 16 by nine with this which is great for YouTube videos or you know Um You can do Rumble Vimeo with those Um aspect ratio of 9 by 16 is you have To do that if you do YouTube shorts and Tick Tock and the one by one is good for Instagram So you can also do the 9×16 with Facebook reels as well so we'll go ahead And click continue Now it's going to go ahead and it's Going to generate the slides it's gonna It's gonna it's gonna read the content Of what we put in there and then it's Going to search our me search media this Is going to search media from stock Images so we will be allowed to use These images and it won't give us any Type of copyright strike or anything Like that because these are stock media

And that it's going to search from We can also later on ADD stock royalty Free music tracks to it and you'll see Uh what I do there With that as well so I'm going to wait For this to be done this sometimes You'll take a minute or two so I'm gonna Wait for this to be done and I'll be Right back okay so now it's complete it Has taken our text and has come and it's Divided our text into slides and while It's divided the text into slides it's Also search for uh relevant videos that It thinks can be used for that slide And then we can uh What uh it's wanting us to do here is Just to verify that everything here is Correct and we're just going to go I Over to visuals and you're just going to Go down here We'll go down to visuals And then here is where you can make sure That your video that it has found for Each slide is actually pretty relevant So we're going to go through to each one From each to each slide and make sure It's a relative relevant video so what Are soul mates so what we can do here With this is what I like to do with the Very first slide that says what are soul Mates we can actually take this text and Move it so I'm going to take this text And I'm going to move it to the middle And when I upload to tick tock I can use

This as my cover image So I'm going to take this this up here When I just clicked on Is After you select your text After you select your text here it'll Open up this as a text bar and I'm just Gonna Uh take this text and I'm going to Put it up to a 72 Point font and that'll Make the text bigger and that's as big As I can get it then I'm going to move It again and make it in the middle You'll see the red lines and I'm in the Middle there And this here is going to be my cover Image whenever I do Um Tick tock Right now for uh On YouTube shorts you can't do a cover Image on YouTube shorts So I'm going to go through here and this May not be the best uh video that I have That I can find for um This particular slide so Um but I do like this with a husband and A wife a bride in a groom So I'm going to click this and it adds This over now you can see that it's not Positioned 100 properly for my vertical Video so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to uh take see where it has this

Uh in this arrow and I'm going to move It over And there I moved it over and there it's Centered and That looks like a pretty good cover Photo while it's playing We're going to go over to the next scene Down here below and go to scene two and It says a soul mate is a person whom you Have a deep and natural connection with And This one This one doesn't have both people in uh In the vertical video see how it Separates so we are going to I'm just Going to select the same The same one And put it over again And we're just going to keep doing that Some people believe that soul mates are Meant to be together and destined to Find each other And I'm just going to search you can Search the media library people together Um that looks that looks pretty good There And we're just going to keep going And it's going to show this text on here As well you'll see that here in a second At once we get through other soulmates As people would bring out the best to Each other and help them grow as Individuals so I'm going to keep I'm Going to go ahead and keep doing this

Okay so I've gone ahead and went through Each slide and I've made the choice of Which video goes to each slot So now you can do elements if you want You can go down in element and you can Add elements to your slides and stuff Like that but I I don't do any of that Stuff Um so we're next thing we're going to do Is audio And here is we can select the background Of our our audio so Um I'm going to search for Sunday morning Because that's the one I like the best I've gone through painlessly gone Through these there's a ton of these 15 000 tracks available and I found that Sunday morning is the best one that I Like so I'm going to go ahead and apply It now you can view them you can search Them you can search by mood purpose Genre duration go through it through Your heart's content it took me a long Time to actually find the one that I use On every single video And then what I do is go up to audio Settings and if you're putting If you're putting a voiceover on your Audio then on your video then you're Going to want to put this down you're Going to want to take your background Music and not put it down to 10 percent That way it doesn't drown out your your

Voice over Now from up here this these little tabs We're going to get a voiceover and we Can add a voiceover and you can actually Click on each one to Uh view to listen to what each voiceover Sounds like it's going to automatically Add that voiceover to your to your video So it's automatically going to talk and It's going to convert this text into Uh audio with that voice that you select And it's the text is still going to show Up on the screen it's not going to take The text off the screen but if you want A a professional sounding voiceover then You can go through these and select the Ones that you want Uh what I do is I go to a software Program called Speech hello And I got this years ago last year or Something And today we're going to show you the ad Um you can get that I'll link to that Down below if you might be interested in Something like this I believe it's like 49 dollars For this thing and it has A lot of uh voices I like the voices in Here better than I do in pick 3. so I'm Going to go ahead and take my text Here And I'm going to Add what I added And then paste in my text

And then I like the English Australian we'll go to AI voice here and Then Addison female And then there are also Pro Voices but I don't have those you don't Really need the pro stuff Pro stuff does Sound better though it does but you Don't need it if you do decide to go to This route but without any extra cost You can by all means use the ones inside Pantry But I just like these these better in Particular this one so let's generate The voiceover Okay I'm hoping that you can hear this I'm going to turn my volume up on my Computer so hopefully you can hear it What are soul mates Soulmate is a person with whom you have A deep and natural connection So that's what it sounds like so I'm Going to go ahead and click the download Button I don't want to add background music so Here's my here's my file And I'm going to go back to pick 3 and I'm going to go to my uploads and I'm Just going to drag that up And it's going to upload my file And it wants to do wants me to tell it How if how to sync it do I want to sync This file to the current scene only or Do I want to sync this file to the

Entire video so I'm going to sync it to the entire video Now before I click that I do want to Show you real quick that it does say Estimated duration this is based on the Text that this is based on the text that I put in to the software and it is based On the current timing of each slide now Once I do once I do this click on the Entire video and it syncs itself this File is only 33 seconds so this is going To change it's going to resync Everything again based on the audio file That I put in it's going to sync each Slide and the video the total video link Is going to be about 33 34 seconds So I'm going to click on entire video And now it's going to go ahead and it's Going to auto sync the voiceover It's going to take it's this is really Really neat because it takes the Voiceover that I just put in what are Soul mates A soulmate and it synced the text with The video And it's giving you a preview here with Whom you have a deep and natural Connection Some people believe that soul mates are Meant to be together and are destined to Find each other Other sea soul mates and that's kind of What it looks like so I'm not going to Play the whole thing right now so we're

Going to go ahead and exit out of this And now that we've got Uh now that we've got the video done We've got the Um Audio done we're ready to generate the Video you can do Styles if you want Um you can do uh text if you want on Additional text I don't do any of this Stuff a play around with it because I Don't do any of this stuff here to me It's not necessary for me to do it so I'm going to go ahead and hover over Generate and you can see you can Generate the video this will generate Your video in an MP4 format You can generate a spreadsheet of video Posts and social video posts for HootSuite so I'm going to go ahead and Generate the video And this is all you have to do now I'm Not going to hang around with you to for The video to generate does take a couple Minutes it takes five to ten minutes for This to complete but once it completes It's going to take this into an MP4 Format and it's going to take it and It's going to give you options to Download And download you can get a link to it if You want to share the link to it With other people so what I do is just Hit download and then you can upload Your video anywhere you want you can

Share it anywhere you want and Um That's all you have to do before we go I Do want to show you real quick here let Me get into it I want to show you that These videos this is a new channel that I'm making with these Pick 3 videos with Chat GPT I'm using chat gbt and videos To make this Tick Tock Channel And it's getting Traction Just by using this video so let me go Ahead and take you over this is Tick Tock my Tick Tock channel it's called Spiritual afterlife And Um these are the videos that I have here So these are the uh views the views that Each video is getting as you can see Each video is being made with just the Way I showed you Um doesn't take me once you get in the Hangman it doesn't take me any more than 10 minutes to do each video and I have As a channel this channel is only a few Days old by the way it's not even a week Old yet and it's got uh 47 followers 153 Likes And a seven percent engagement rate so Um this is just a test Channel just to See how well people engage with these And to me it looks like you know out of One two three One two three four five six seven eight

Out of eight videos I'm about to put the Next one on that we just made Um It's got forty seven dollars and 153 Likes so Pretty decent and this one I just put One not too long ago and Tick Tock Hasn't uh given me any views for it yet Even though it should give me some views Um so hopefully the more the more videos I put on the more video the more views Tick Tock is going to give me especially Once I get more followers so I want to Thank you for watching this all the way Until the end and remember Uh uh chat GPT if you don't have it Already sign up go ahead and uh at least Try out picture see if it's for you go To and if you do decide to Get it there is a coupon code down in The description for you as well also Speech hello look it over see if that's Something you might want that's Completely optional you don't have to Get that Um for creating these videos if you want A quality voiceovers you can get it if Not Um you can still use what's inside Pick 3 if you find something that you really Like so I just wanted to cover the Speech hello with you as well so that is An option so thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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