Domain Flipping Guide: How To Make Money Flipping Domains

Domain Flipping Guide: How To Make Money Flipping Domains

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Domain Flipping Guide: How To Make Money Flipping Domains
In this video I’ll teach you how to make money flipping domains.

In this video, I will introduce you to domain flipping (domaining) and show you the basic way to flip a domain. This video will mostly show you how to find a domain. More videos on flipping domains coming soon.

Learn the different ways to find domain names, and what type of domain name is best for you. Find out how to buy a domain name at auction or from someone else. And learn about the different ways that you can flip your domain for more profit!

What is a Domain Flipper
Domain flippers are someone who buys domain names and then immediately resells them for a profit. Sometimes domain flippers hold onto domain names for awhile before selling, and sometimes they sell domain names on the same day that they buy them.

You can become a domain flipper for fun, or you can do it full-time and make domain flipping your main business. Whatever your goal is, domain flippers can earn a nice living through domain flipping.

What Are The Advantages Of Domain Flipping
Domain flipping has lots of advantages. One of the big advantages that domain flippers have over other domain investors is that domain flippers know how to make fast money out of domain names.

For domain flippers, domain flipping is a business. Domain flippers do domain flipping full time and are in charge of their domain names, income, expenses, taxes and everything else that has to do with domain names.

There are domain flippers who make thousands of dollars every day, and domain flippers who make millions of dollars every year. The domain flipping business is open to just about anyone who wants to enter this exciting domain investment market!

Domain Flipping Vs Domain Investing: What’s the difference

A domain investor buys domain names and holds onto them until he can sell them for more profit. A domain investor may buy domain names to flip, but domain investing is a slower way of making money than domain flipping.

Domain flippers do all the domain name work themselves while domain investors have employees who handle the domain investing work for them. Either way, domain investment and domain flipping are both great ways to make big money from domain names.

Find a domain that is available for sale
You will find a domain name which is available for sale at many domain registrars. This will ensure that you have multiple buyers if you decide to list it for sale. In most cases you can find domain names at domain auctions.

Any domain which was deleted, suspended or terminated is considered an expired domain. But for the purpose of this lesson we will be focusing on domain name auctions that have already expired.

Purchase the domain from the owner and transfer it to your name
This is done at domain registrar. You can transfer domain name to your own account and get full administrative control over it. This way you will be able to use domain for selling purposes immediately without any limitations from the domain seller or domain registrar.

What Type Of Domain Name Is Most Suitable To Flip
There are many domain name types to choose from when you want to flip domain names. As a domain flipper you will need domain names which are easy to flip and domain names that are popular enough to sell quickly. This means domain names which have low domain name traffic and domain name with targeted keyword phrases included in it.

As a domain flipper, you will need domain names which easily get visitors from search engines. Expired domains are perfect for domain flipping.

The domain market is huge, so you will have to research domain names carefully before buying them. Make sure domain name includes targeted keyword phrases and has good domain traffic already

Is Domain Flipping Still Profitable
Domain flipping is still just as profitable as domain investing. Domain flippers are in control of domain name income and domain flipping can be done without any domain investment experience. Domain flipping can be a complicated process and domain investors have employees who do the domain flipping work for them

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