Create Perfect Human Cutouts With This Free Image Tool

Create Perfect Human Cutouts With This Free Image Tool

How To Create Human Cutout Images With A Free Tool

Free tool: (may load a little slow at first)

In this video, I will introduce you to a free tool that will allow you to make perfect human cutout images from any image that contains a human being.

Quit paying for services that do this for you (Most likely they use this tool too!). This is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is upload your photo and the tool’s advanced algorithm goes to work to completely remove the background from your image, leaving only the human being in the photo behind.

You can then download your transparent image. The image is exported in jpg format but you can convert it to another format if you want. You will not lose any quality either. This is the best tool that I have come across to create human cutout images.

So instead of paying for the service to do this, BE the service!

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Free tool: (may load a little slow at first)

In this video I’m going to show you how To create human cutouts from any image That contains a human being so I’m going To use this really cool tool it’s called Arc and it’s going to take any image That has a human being in it and it’s Going to whip out that background and It’s going to leave only the human being In uh in the image so it’s going to take Out everything and just use that human Being as a cut out image and this is Really really cool how it works and the Best part is it’s free so it’s called Arc and you can get to that down below In the description click on that link in The description box and you’re going to Get taken to this page here follow along With me if you want and we’re going to Go ahead and click on human matting up Here now it does some other things as Well it’ll do some face Restorations on Images and it’ll do animation Enhancement as well so you can fiddle Around with that later if you want but For the sake of this video we’re going To go ahead and click on human matting And as you can see here by this little Slider if you move the slider back and Forth you see what it does so you’ll see That it takes out the background from This image and only leaves the human Being in so if I click on this other Image here and it does the same thing Here and the same thing goes for this

One Once it loads uh the same thing goes Here and it takes out the background and Leaves only the human being I’m going to Show you exactly how it works so let’s Uh go to I’m going to go to unsplash Where I can get some uh royalty free Images that I can use to do this So um just for as an example I’m going To do a picture of a man And I’m going to search for man and I’m Going to look here to see uh what may be A good image is that I can use that Would take out the background so Um you can do just about any of these You can probably do any of these so Um let me Let’s do this one this one looks pretty Cool so Um I’m going to go ahead and click Download free And give a shout out to Janko ferlick on Social or copy the text below I’m just Going to say thank you janeco for giving Us the opportunity to use this image Today in this video So let me go back to the arc And I’m gonna full screen this because Of this big window down here this big Bar I don’t like Okay so let’s go ahead and upload and It’s going to I shouldn’t I should have Looked at the Uh image there we go that’s it so this

Is might take just a few minutes to load It depending depends on the file size it Uploads it and it does the processing so This could take just a few minutes to do Just hang with it and wait for it to Complete don’t hit Refresh on your Browser or anything because that you’ll Have to upload it all over again so You’ll see this spinning around here and It will show up as success when it’s Done so I’m going to let this go and When it’s complete I’ll be right back With you all right so it has finished And I’ve moved the slider over So you can see exactly what happened so Let’s go ahead and move that slider over And As you can see it is taken out The background all that background that We didn’t want Is now gone and we now have a perfect Cutout image of this man so what we can Do is we can actually click on it we can Open it up And it’s going to show us exactly what It looks like And we have the option to download it so If we hit download It is going to download down here Um This Janko ferlic unsplash after so let Me go ahead and even though it’s a j jpg Which really caught me off guard because I figured it would come out as a PNG

However it does come out without a Background I’m going to show you that Real quick let me get a futopia Photo P however you pronounce that Let’s see if I can open it in here Okay so as you can see the background Is Gone and this even though it’s a JPEG File it is a transparent Image so I want to thank you for Watching this video Until the End and Don’t forget I have put the link down Below to the arc website Here the arc uh Dot And I hope you enjoyed this video if you Did click the like below also subscribe To the video Or subscribe to the channel for more Tutorials and videos and free tools like This Um in the near future thank you for Watching and I’ll see you in the next Video

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