ChatGPT: How to Play Role Playing Games (RPG) With ChatGPT

ChatGPT: How to Play Role Playing Games (RPG) With ChatGPT

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The command I used: Lets play an adventure game where you write the plot and I choose what to do

ChatGPT: How to Play Role Playing Games (RPG) With ChatGPT

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In this video, I will show you how you can play an RPG game with ChatGPT, and how it all works.

ChatGPT can be used for many things, including writing, productivity and coding. But I bet you didn’t know that ChatGPT could play games with you!

All you have to do is tell it the command that I have included above. ChatGPT will then start playing an RPG game with you. You can even go one step further than that by telling it what you want the storyline to be about. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re as old as me, you might remember the old BBS style game, the ever so popular Legend of the Red Dragon. Basically this was an adventure game where you made one move per day until you beat the game, and it was 100% text-based. Boy was I ever so excited to get home from school to make my next move!

This is the type of game that you can play with ChatGPT. Basically, ChatGPT will give you a plot and give you options on what to do next, until you beat the game. It’s really fun! If you want to track how many moves you make (like a score), you can tell ChatGPT to keep track of how many moves you make and give you a total at the end.

So as you can see, ChatGPT can be a lot of fun to use. Just use your imagination.

Thank you for watching my video on how to play RPG games with ChatGPT. For more ChatGPT videos, check out my playlist and more videos above.

So having a play with the ChatGPT Chatbot, which uses AI to answer questions and looking into whether it can save you game prep time.

The incredible chatGPT AI from openAI can do many things, one of which is to write adventures for dungeons and dragons, or indeed any tabletop roleplaying game.

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00:00 Introduction to playing RPG games with ChatGPT
00:10 The magic command
00:19 Playing the game
05:51 Other things you can do
06:20 Conclusion to playing RPG games with ChatGPT

In this video I’m going to show you how To use Chad GPT to play an adventure Game this is really really cool I just Figured out how to do this and I want to Share it with you all so this is the Prompt that I’m going to put in this is The command let’s play an adventure game Where you write the plot and I choose What to do and we’ll go ahead and hit Enter and we’ll see it comes what it Comes up with and it says sure you find Yourself in a dense forest Unsure how You got there the only thing you can Remember is that you were on a hike Before everything went dark you look Around and see a path leaning deeper Into the woods do you follow the path Try to find your way back to the Trailhead or explore the area around you So it’s giving us an a b or c option and All we need to do is put in a b or to C To see exactly for to for it to tell to For us to tell it exactly what we wanted To do So We can follow the path try to find the PATH deeper to the trailhead or explore The area around you so we’ll go ahead And explore the area around maybe There’s a way to get out and and it’s Going to write more based on what we What we put in so you decide to explore The area around you as you walk you come Across a small stream the water looks

Clear and inviting do you follow the Stream take a drink or move on so it Doesn’t say that I’m thirsty so I’m not Going to take a drink so it’s either Follow the stream or move on so if I Follow the string there might be a way To civilization so I’m going to hit a And they don’t have to be capitalization Capitalize letters or anything like that You follow the stream and it leads you To a clearing and the center of the Clearing is a small cabin the cabin Looks old and abandoned Dua investigate The cabin B keep following the stream or C leave the clearing so let’s go ahead And investigate the cabin and see maybe There’s Clues inside the cabin or around The cabin She decided to investigate the cabin as You approach you notice the door is Slightly ajar do you push a door open And enter not before entering or leave The cabin alone so there might be Someone in there it may be a hand it may Be habited so let’s go ahead and hit B So we’ll go ahead and knock before Entering you decide to knock before Entering the cabin after a few seconds There is no response do you enter the Cabin leave the cabin alone or try to Open the door So we’ll go ahead and try to open the Door and there might be actually there Might be somebody in there sleeping so

Let’s go ahead and hit C you try to open The door but it’s locked do you a look For key B try to break down the door or C leave the cabin alone we’ll go ahead And leave the camera alone You decide to leave the capital alone And continue the following the stream The stream leads you to a waterfall the Waterfall is beautiful and the water is Crystal Clear do you take a swim climb To the top of the waterfall leave the Waterfall and continue the following String We Let’s see we might be able to climb The top of the waterfall because once we Get up there we might be able to see Something from UPS from up there but we Also have a risk of falling but we’ll Take that risk and do it anyway So we’ll hit B you decide to climb to The top of the waterfall as you make Your way up the climb becomes more Difficult you slip and fall into the Water below you’re injured but alive That’s what I was afraid of you find Yourself back at the cabin the rest of The cabin continue on your journey go Back to the waterfall so let’s go ahead And rest up the cabin since we’re Injured we decide to rest of the cabin Inside you find a bed made you find it Better than a first aid kit you take the Time to patch up your wounds and rest After a few hours you feel refreshed and

Ready to continue on your journey you Leave the cabin feeling A Renewed sense Of determination your adventure Continues but where it leads is up to You so It’s not giving us any type of response As to what I can do from here so let’s Go ahead and regenerate that and maybe It’ll give us a a choices again you Decide to rest at the cabin you find Some supplies and Insider and able to Patch up your wounds after resting for a Bit you feel refreshed and ready to Continue on your journey do you a head Back the way you came B continue Following the stream or C explore A New Path Let’s go ahead and continue following The stream you decide to continue Following the stream the stream leads You to a fork in the path do you a take The path on the left B take a path on The right or C stay where you are Ah it’s either right or left so let’s go With B we’ll go with the right you take The path on the right the path leads you To a small village villagers look Friendly and invite you to stay with Them do you stay with the Villagers Continue on your journey ask the Villagers for directions to civilization Let’s go ahead and ask villagers for Directions You ask the villagers for directions to

Civilization they tell you the nearest Town is a Day’s Journey by foot do you Stay with the Villagers and rest before Making the journey start the journey Right away Ask the villagers if they have any Transportation to the nearest town Yeah it wouldn’t hurt to ask them for Transportation right You ask the villagers if they have any Transportation in Ayers town they offer You a horse and a guide to accompany you Do you accept the offer decline the Offer and continue on foot ask villagers For more information about the journey To the nearest half let’s go ahead and Accept the offer You accept the offer and set off towards The nearest town with a guide after a Day’s Journey reach the town and are Able to call for help your adventure is Over and you’re safely back home thank You for playing the adventure game with Me let me know if you would like to play Again so we could go ahead and play that Again if we want just put the same Prompt and you can also guide it to Different Themes if you want so you could say Let’s play an adventure game including a Dragon or let’s play an adventure game Including this or that and it’ll it’ll Write that for you based on the topic That you put in there so it’s really

Really cool you can play these games Over and over and over with chat GPT It’s really really fun so thank you for Watching this chat cheap PT video I want To uh thank you for watching all the way To the end also if you like this video Please Thumbs Up Down Below like it down Below and also subscribe to the channel If you haven’t already for more chat GPT Videos thank you for watching and I’ll See you in the next video

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