ChatGPT: How To Create A Twitter Tweet Content Planner

ChatGPT: How To Create A Twitter Tweet Content Planner

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ChatGPT: How To Create A Twitter Tweet Content Planner

In this video I will show you how to create a Twitter Tweet content planner in ChatGPT very easy. I recommend outputting 5 days at a time and then type β€œcontinue” if you want more after that.

This will output your content in a table format so that you can easily copy and paste the content directly into a spreadsheet.

The method that I show you will give you the following information based on your keyword:

– Twitter Tweets (2 Tweets per day)
– Hashtag suggestions (I recommend researching your own but you can use what it gives you)
– A recommended featured image for the Twitter Tweet

You can easily do this for 30-45 days of Twitter content, schedule it out all at once and let Twitter auto post on your behalf, and it would take you less than an hour to do it all.

You can even create Tweets and sell them, or offer a service where you Tweet these on their social media accounts on their behalf, saving them valuable time.

00:00 Introduction to ChatGPT Twitter Tweet content planner
00:15 ChatGPT Twitter Tweet prompting
01:08 The process explained
04:02 Conclusion to ChatGPT Twitter Tweet content planner

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Are you tired of manually creating content for your Twitter account? Want to take your social media strategy to the next level? In this video, we will show you how to automate your content creation using AI tools, specifically ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. By harnessing the power of natural language processing and machine learning, these powerful tools can help you generate high-quality, engaging, and creative content for your Twitter account. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to a steady stream of fresh, relevant, and unique content. Don’t miss out, watch this video now to learn more about how you can use ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 to automate your Twitter content creation and drive more engagement with your followers.

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In this video I'm going to show you how To create a Twitter tweet content plan In chat GPT so I'm going to show you Here I'm just going to paste in my Command and I'm going to tell it to Write Twitter tweets for the next five Days based on keyword dieting and weight Loss Two tweets per day include hashtags Output and table form the First Column Is the Tweet number the second column is The Tweet with hashtags at the end of The tweet and the third column is a Description of a good image for the Tweet So I'm telling it several things you can Do how many days you want you can do Five days 10 days 30 days 45 days Whatever you want to do and it's going To Output that the reason why I'll put This in table form is because it's very Very easy to copy and paste straight Into a spreadsheet especially Google Sheets and I'll show you that here in a Second and I go ahead and tell it Exactly what it needs to put in each Column So let me go ahead and press enter and You'll see exactly what it does so it's It's telling me here 10 tweet ideas for The next five days on beat keywords Dining and weight loss And it's Showing us tweet number one starting a

New diet today excited to see the Results and it gives me a good photo Which is a photo of a healthy meal such As a colorful salad or a plate of Grilled chicken and vegetables And the second one stuck in a weight Loss Plateau makes up your routine with Some new workout ideas and healthy meal Swaps did you know that drinking water Before meals can help you eat less give It a try Don't let the weekend ruin your diet and Plan ahead And bring healthy snacks with you when You're on the go so a lot these are very Very informational you can also mix Humor in there with it as well you can Also tell it to mix them with humor or You can tell it eighty percent would be Informational 20 would be humor you can Do that and it would create jokes and Stuff like that for you so as you can See it they create my two per day which Is 10 and what I can do is I can just Copy everything Here and let me copy this Go over to a Google sheet and it just Pastes right in just like a regular Sheet And as you can see if it went in just Fine and you can put this in a Google Sheet and you can just work right out of That Google sheet and if we want to do More I do have an extension install that

Allows me to hit this continue button To extension called a iprm extension for Google Chrome and you can find that I Did a video on that prior to this video I'll go ahead and link to that down Below and I'll also link to the Extension if you want to try it out as Well And it's going to go ahead and continue Where it left off 11 12 13 and the reason why here's the Reason why I do five at a time the Reason why I do five at a time is Because I notice that it cuts off if I Do more than that because it goes to 10 It usually doesn't do hardly any more Past 10 and it will cut off so to make Sure that I do I do more I can go ahead And tell it to continue writing and it Will do see this time it did five more And then I can just continue again and Here I'm going to do five more tweets And I can just keep going and going with This and what I can do is just go ahead And copy this over without the heading Copy this over without the heading here And Just keep going in my spreadsheet so I Hope you found this video helpful for if You did please click the like below also Subscribe to the channel for more chat GPT videos in the near future thanks for Watching and have a great day

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