ChatGPT Google Chrome Extension by AIPRM: Templates For ChatGPT

ChatGPT Google Chrome Extension by AIPRM: Templates For ChatGPT

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ChatGPT Google Chrome Extension by AIPRM: Templates For ChatGPT

** This extension is NOT an official extension released by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

In this video, I will show you an awesome Google Chrome extension that I found for ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an amazing tool and it can do many things, but lets face it, writing prompts can be a very tedious and sometimes a time consuming task. It may take you quite some time to figure out the exact command you need to give it to do what you want it to do.

But AIPRM has changed all of that with its ChatGPT Google Chrome extension. This extension contains templates that other people have created so that you can do some very cool things with ChatGPT. In most cases, all you need to do is enter a keyword, topic or title of content you want to create. To give you an idea of what you can do with this, here are some examples:

• Outrank an article from your competition
• Write human written SEO optimized articles
• Get perfect image prompts for Midjourney
• Get amazing YouTube scripts for your next video
• Optimize local GMB’s
• … and much more!

The really cool thing about AIPRM’s ChatGPT extension is that this is community based. That means that anyone can create templates and share them with the world. In my personal opinion, this extension is going to reshape the way we use ChatGPT going forward.

As of the recording of this video, there are 457 templates in the database, with more added each day.

Be sure to try out the extension today.

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ChatGPT has been blowing many people’s minds. It can code, answer most of your questions, write content etc. In this video, I wanted to talk about how people are using it and some apps and Chrome extensions that let you get the most out of ChatGPT!

This ChatGPT plugin isn’t just for SEOs, but for anyone who uses it to write content. Whether you are researching for a blog, or maybe doing niche research, this Chrome Extension, leverages the power of Chat GPT with the search results phrased from chrome, and the latest news.

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00:48 An Overview of the ChatGPT Chrome extension
04:52 How the ChatGPT Chrome extension works
06:34 Conclusion

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In this video I just wanted to go ahead And share with you a chat GPT extension That I found that's absolutely amazing I've been using it for a day now and I Love it I absolutely love it it's called A i p r m for chat GPT and you can find It by clicking on the link down below It'll take you to this page here in the Chrome web store or you can search for It with a i p r m extension and that Will take you to this page as well you Can over here at the little blue button You just hit install and then it'll Install for your Chrome I'm not sure if Firefox has this out right now I think It's only for Chrome I could be wrong But I think that you need Chrome to do This so I'm going to take you over to my Chat GPT and this is what it looks like So It gives you Templates that you can use To do certain things so Here are Each template in these little boxes Right here right on the front screen of Chat GPT you can do public plot props These are all the public prompts and Then you can add your own prompt add Your own template in here as well and You can do that and you can really cool Thing about this is you can share it Throughout the community so that Everyone can have access to your props

So this extension as more people start Using it and more people start playing Around with chat GPT Chai GPT has over 100 million users at The moment so as more people start using This extension here we're going to start Seeing this explode and more and more And more templates and prompts are going To be added in here and and to me this Is just gold this is gold for anything That you want to do with Chat GPT especially SEO there's a lot of SEO things in here that you can do and I'm going to show you I'm just going to Go through it here real quick I'm not Really going to click any anything to Show you how it works well I can click On one thing show you how it works but The best thing for you to do is just get This installed go out there and and Start using this for yourself there's a Lot of cool things and if I scroll down Here There's 438 prompts that you can choose From that you can that you can use more Are added every day yup like I said I've Been using this for one day yesterday There was 429 prompts in there so there Have been nine more prompts since the Last time I looked in about Less than 12 hours time so more are Added So It's automatically going to be sort

Sorted by top voted you can sort by Latest updates or top views you can also See how many times each one of them's Been liked Also there's a really cool feature that It comes with as well it's called export Chat and it's over here on the left side Of the screen And you can export your chat it's not Lit up right now because I'm not Actually in a chat so you can click on That and we'll export that into a text File So there's some really cool things in Here such as outrank article this is Really really neat you can put in a Competitor's URL and it will spit on an Article that will outrun fares it's a Really really neat and it I don't think That it actually goes out and scrapes The article itself GPT doesn't have the Capability not at the moment but what I Think it does is it actually looks at The URL and it sees what the URL is Talking about and then it will talk About it will spit out a article that Talks about that It'll also give you keyword strategies YouTube script creators mid-journey Prompt generators it'll take stuff from A like if you've got an AI written Content even from chat GPT if you've got AI written content and you copy that and You paste it in it's going to rewrite it

For you so that it's not detectable with AI it's really really neat there's a lot Of them in here that do that and you Just there's a search option here that You can go ahead and search so if I type In rewrite rewrite article 100 human Content keyword Rich 100 human content Score keyword Rich content so and you Can do it in your target language which Is also cool as well Content rewriters you can also do stuff With if you're an SEO buff you can do a Lot a lot of SEO things a lot fully Optimized article including made a Description in FAQ so let me show you How how these work I'm going to click on This and all it wants is a keyword or Title for your article if you already Have a title put in the title if not It's going to give you a title so I'm Going to say melanoma and press enter And it's automatically going to go ahead And give me A title with melanoma understanding the Deadliest form of skin cancer and then It's going to give me an SEO meta Description And it's going to do that and then it's Going to go ahead and write the article Going to give me an introduction what is Melanoma causes a melanoma so just by Putting in one word you don't have to go Through many steps and tell what to do Because the template already does that

Template already tells it to I don't Know exactly what the tab letter tells Me to do because I can't view the Template but I know this is a pretty good article of What it's spinning out here So let's go ahead and go back and Get back to New chat and write an SEO Friendly product description review Response bot if you're into Gmbs there's some GMB things in here get 10 optimized Google Business posts Optimize Google business profile in one Click so if you click on that tell me The name of the business where it's Located what it sells and anything else That's important Create five business gmbs in Q GMB q and A's instantly local SEO master plan Generator everything you need to know For SEO So this is perfect for gmbs as well so I Just wanted to get this out there to you Guys and let you know that it is there It's a very very powerful tool in my Opinion best of all it's free doesn't Cost anything to use and put that in Your chat GPT and go to town on it Because it can do some really really Nice things go out there and play around With it that's what I've been doing for The last 24 hours it's been amazing ride So far and it's only going to get better As more people put in their own

Templates for you to use and try out so I want to thank you for watching this Video all the way until the end make Sure that you like and subscribe to the To this channel for more chat GPT Tips tricks news everything that you Want to know about Chachi BT I'm gonna Put on here so make sure you subscribe As well and thank you for watching I'll See you in the next video

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