Chat GPT: Using ChatGPT To Generate Incredible YouTube Shorts Scripts

Chat GPT: Using ChatGPT To Generate Incredible YouTube Shorts Scripts

Here is the template prompt that I used in this video: write a youtube shorts script explaining [topic]. this video will be no longer than 60 seconds. Please be humorous.

Watch my video on how to use ChagGPT to create blog articles:

I appended “please be humorous” to the end to generate better scripts. Watch the video until the end for examples.

Welcome to our video on using ChatGPT for YouTube Shorts video scripts!
In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the ChatGPT tool to generate ideas for YouTube Shorts and write compelling video scripts.

For those who may not be familiar, ChatGPT is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that uses natural language processing to generate text based on a given prompt. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including generating ideas for content, writing articles, and creating video scripts.

In this video, we will walk you through the process of using ChatGPT to write a script for your YouTube Shorts video. We’ll start by showing you how to enter a prompt to get started. From there, we’ll demonstrate how to use the tool to generate ideas and write a script for your video.

We’ll also cover some best practices for using ChatGPT, including how to fine-tune your prompts to get the best results and how to edit and revise your script to make it more engaging and effective.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use ChatGPT to generate ideas and write scripts for YouTube Shorts, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the tool.

So if you’re looking to up your YouTube Shorts game and create compelling content, be sure to check out our tutorial on using ChatGPT for video scripts. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and tricks on creating great content for YouTube and beyond.

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In this video I'm going to show you how You can use chat GPT to create YouTube Shorts video scripts and this is really Really cool how this works all you have To do is put in one simple command and It will spit out a perfect YouTube Shorts video script for you so I will Give you the template that you can use Also all you'll have to do to it is just Change the topic or what you wanted to Talk about and I find that this it works Really really well for informative Videos such as what is or please explain Even how to's you could do this with How-to videos as well so let me go ahead And get into it I've already copied this To my clipboard so let me go ahead and Paste it here and all I'm going to do is Tell it to write a YouTube short script Explaining what is HTML so my topic is HTML on this one and I'm also going to Give it a little more X explanation of What I wanted to do and I'm going to Also tell it that this video will be no Longer than 60 seconds because I wanted To write a somewhat fairly short script For me let me go ahead I'm going to go Ahead and click enter and I'm going to Let it go ahead and do its thing and it This has given me the script and all I Have to do is just read it read it to my Viewers and that's all I have to do and It just says hi and welcome to this Quick tutorial on HTML or hyper text

Markup language HTML is a standard Markup language for creating web pages It's used to structure and format Contact on content on the web making it Easy for users to read and interact Interact with so it's telling me exactly What HTML is and it gives me some Examples down here the H1 tag the a tag The image tag and video tag for images Of multimedia and overall HTML is an Essential building block for the web and Its learning is a great way to start Building your own websites and Applications it even says thanks for Watching be sure to check out other Tutorials for more tips and tricks on HTML and web development one and then You can put on my webs on my YouTube Channel Please Subscribe at the end you Can put that in there but Um this basically everything that you Need Um also let me do another one we'll do What is a Birdie in golf and we'll let this do its Thing and welcome to this quick tutorial On birdies and golf a Birdie's is a Score that is one stroke lower than par In a particular whole for example if Pars four strikes a birdie would be Achieved by completing the three Strokes So it's telling me what there is what it Is and it's giving me an example right Here in the very first paragraph and

It's giving me a little more information That you can tell your viewers and at The end it says so there you have it That's what a birdie is in golf thanks For watching and have a happy golfing Also something else that you can do is I Found this works very well too and Um you can do Um Please be humorous And it will be humor it will put humor In there and let me show you that real Quick hey there are you tired of boring Old web pages or just wonderful oh I did The wrong thing okay hypertext markup Language is a secret ingredient that Makes internet go around that's the code That gives structure thinking of HTML as A scaffolding and building it's a Framework that holds everything together Building each page that's a unique shape On layout without it the internet would Be just jumble mess of text and images But this actually I like this better Than the very first one that it came out With Um so I liked the one where I told it to Use humorous A lot of the times when you tell them to Be humorous it will give you things like This think of HTML as a scaffolding of a Building so it kind of breaks it down in A language that people would more Understand same thing with birdies and

Golf let's try that real quick and then At the end I'll put Please be Humorous now you can put at the end Anything that you want if you don't want To be humorous you could put please be Serious please be funny Um anything Any type of thing like that you can put So are you tired of being a mediocre Golfer well it's time to stop your game And score some birdies but what exactly Is a birdie you ask well it's a golf Score that one it's one stroke lower Than par on a particular whole so there It's telling me what it is so if par is Part of the hole is four strikes a Birdie would be achieved by completing The the hole in three strips now I know What you're thinking but wait isn't a Birdie just a fancy way saying I'm not Terrible at golf And to say that I say well you're not Wrong but trust me making a birdie is a Pretty sweet feeling your friends will Be impressed and you'll feel like a golf Pro even if you're not so that I think That has a little more personality if You put please be humorous that has a Little more personality than it does as Just saying you know just explain what It is thank you for watching this video I hope you learned a little bit about How to use chat GPT to give you some

Well-written YouTube shorts video Scripts and once you have your script Ready all you have to do is go into a Video editor you can go into canva you Can throw some slides in there you can Record it And uh throw some slides in there uh From canvas library and there you go You've got a YouTube video short that Probably is probably going to take you After you do everything it's probably Going to take you less than 20 minutes To do so I hope you found this video Helpful if you did please click the like Below also subscribe to the channel for More videos on chatgpt and thank you for Watching

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