Chat GPT Shorts How To Write Recipes With ChatGPT and Midjourney

Chat GPT Shorts   How To Write Recipes With ChatGPT and Midjourney

Command used in this video: write a recipe for [your dish here]
TIP: You could also list ingredients that you want it to include as well, or tell ChatGPT to put its own spin on the recipe (not tested to work though).

Chat GPT Shorts – How To Write Recipes With ChatGPT and Midjourney

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In this ChatGPT short video, I’m going to have ChatGPT write me a recipe. We will then have ChatGPT write a very descriptive featured image, where we can then plug that description into any AI image creator software. I use Midjourney for my demonstration, but you can use any that you choose.

Once the recipe and featured image is done, you can then post it on your blog, social media, make recipe cards with them. The possibilities are endless!!

** One thing I must note, is even though ChatGPT states these recipes are written from traditional recipes, I have not tested them. **

Thank you for watching my video on how to write recipes with ChatGPT and Midjourney. Please like and subscribe, and check out my other ChatGPT videos above.

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Hello and welcome to another chat GPT Short in this episode we're going to go Ahead and write a recipe we are Basically going to tell it to write a Recipe for chili and let's see what it Says okay so this is what it's come up With that gives us our ingredients also It gives us our instructions so we can Just basically copy and paste this into Our website or social post wherever You're wanting to put this also we can Also tell it to write an extremely Detailed feature image for the above Recipe and I'm going to go ahead and Tell it to do that and then I'm going to Put it in mid-journey or you can put it In any AI rating software that you have And you can get a featured image out of This and this is the description of the Featured image and if we go over to Mid Journey this is what it came up with From jat chatgpt so thank you for Watching this chat GPT short make sure To like And subscribe to the channel

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