Character Counter – The Best Free Online Character Counter

Character Counter - The Best Free Online Character Counter – Click Here For The Best Free Online Character Counter

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Character Counter: The Best Free Online Character Counter

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In this video I will show you the best character counting tools that I use that is completely free. This character counter will tell you how many characters you have in your document. This tool is also a word counter and will tell you how many total words that you have in your document as well.

Over the years I have used many online character counter tools for counting characters. I was always looking for something that would help me with my writing and yet be free. Many of these character counting tools out there will charge you money or require a subscription to use their service. is the perfect tool for me personally. It is free and it doesn’t require me to sign up for a subscription service to use their character counting tool.

This character count tool will tell you how many characters, word count and line count you have in your document. will character count with spaces.

I use this online character counter mainly for YouTube. I use it because YouTube limits its descriptions to 5000 characters. Using, I can easily paste content into the text box, or write directly in the text box and it will count characters in real time as I am typing. This has helped me to make sure that my descriptions are within the 5000 YouTube character limits, the ideal length for YouTube videos.

This is also great for counting the number of characters for your social media posts, such as your Facebook posts or Twitter posts, eBay titles or Google docs. The character counter is even great for homework assignments!

If you’re looking for a great character counter and word counter, then the character counter is definitely for you. This online tool is the best character counter and word counter I have seen so far because it is free and it is very easy to use. This online character counter tool is perfect for beginners to count characters.

Thank you for watching my video on the free character counter and word counter. If you would like to see more videos like this, please subscribe to my channel. Also if this video helped you in any way please give it a like below.

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