Article Forge 3.0 Review & Demo

Article Forge 3.0 Review & Demo

Article Forge 3 Review & Article Forge Demo – Get your 5 day free trial now


** The articles above were copied straight from Article Forge without editing or fact checking. I wanted you to see the quality of the articles generated without any kind of editing. When posting your articles from Article Forge, please make sure you fact check first.

In this video, I will do an Article Forge Review for you. Article Forge is an AI content generator tool that will create full articles for you with only a few keywords. The really cool thing about Article Forge is that you can also give it some H2 titles and it will generate sub-content relevant to the H2 titles that you specify.

So does Article Forge keep up with Google’s Helpful Content update?

Article Forge recently (within the last month) released an update that counteracts Google’s Helpful Content update. So with the new update, Article Forge generates 9 different versions of each sentence it will use in the article. It then grades each sentence and uses the highest graded sentence, giving you the most relevant and “helpful” content possible.

Article Forge will allow you to create up to 1500 word articles at a time. You are billed monthly, and Article Forge goes on a credit system. Depending on which plan you choose, determines how many worse you get per month. The pricing is on the Article Forge website, which you can access below: – Get your 5 day free trial now

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