Review – Quality AI Image Generation Tool + Lifetime Deal Review - Quality AI Image Generation Tool + Lifetime Deal

Airbrush.AI Review – Quality AI Image Generation Tool + Lifetime Deal

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In this video, I will go into and show you how it works. is am image creation tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate beautiful images that you can use any way you want. All you need to do is enter a description of the image you want to generate, select which AI engine that you want to use, and let it generate. In 30 seconds or less, you will have a beautiful image ready for you.

You can even upscale images if you wish. You can upscale any image on the internet, just input its url and it will upscale for you (costs 1 credit for each upscale), just make sure that you have the copyright to that image before upscaling. allows you to select 2 different AI generation engines:

Stable Diffusion – Best for real life, photographic and high detailed images.

Dall-E-2 – Best for cartoon-ish, vector, clipart images and logos.

You may have to play around with the prompt you put in to get the best quality images. There are plenty of sources online to find the best prompts. Just search Google. 🙂

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Hello and welcome to my Review and this review I'm Going to go ahead and tell you Everything that you need to know about and I'm also going to take You inside the members area To show you how powerful this piece of Software is so is a piece of Software that can turn any piece of text Into an image it's a fairly new software It just came out not too long ago and Right now they're offering a deal on Appsumo of 29 and that'll give you Lifetime access to the tool it gives you 500 credits to work with per month and The credits reset At the beginning of the month on the First and Um the credits do not roll over though Um but that's more than enough credits To do what you're probably going to need To be doing with it and it also comes With commercial license as well as these Lifetime Cuts also I am offering a Giveaway right now so this goes in Effect from now up until December 24th At uh From now until December 24th at midnight And I'm going to be drawing at giving Them away uh on December 24th at noon so Go ahead sign up for those down below And all you have to do is enter in your Email to be considered as one of the two Lucky people I mean being two or two

Codes away so one code to two people Um is going to get this uh it's an early Christmas present so Uh that's just a thank you for uh Watching this video so um also make sure That you subscribe to the channel as Well as I have more videos just like This coming up in the near future So is a tool that allows you To turn any type of text into an image You can generate AI powered images in Just one click this is a sample of the Images that you can get and Um I'm going to go ahead and enter the Software and show you how it works so Let's go ahead and into so This is right here and you Have Um some options here on the left hand Side this is your dashboard you see all Your recent Generations in here all of The the The images that you've that you've Recently created Um you can also create your image right Here so if you click on that here's the Uh the actual prompt where you can go Ahead and create your image your history Is where you can go in and see uh the Images that you've created in the past Search galleries where you can search For other people's uh things so let's go Ahead and search for house and we'll go Ahead and search and this is what other

People have created and the cool thing About this is you can see what other People have created so if you kind of Like what they've created you can hover Over hover your mouse over the text Prompt and it'll show you exactly the Prompt that they put in to get this so It's really really cool uh how that Works as well so as you can see there's Pretty pretty cool outputs here where People have done this So let's go ahead and it also has an Image upscaler so the image upscaler If you click on the image upscaler it Allows you to input a URL so the cool Thing about this is you can input any a URL of any any image on the internet so As long as it's got a URL you can go Ahead and upscale the image now what it Doesn't tell you here is that it costs One credit to do so so out of your 500 Credits that you get each month for each Image that you go ahead and you upscale It's going to cost you one credit for Doing that and the upgrade you don't Need the upgrade if you purchase the Lifetime because you Um obviously have lifetime access you Don't need to upgrade it So let's go ahead and create an image so We're going to go ahead and create Let's see a Portrait of Santa Claus

Uh since it is Christmas time we'll go Ahead and put in a portrait of Santa Claus and Um Photographic quality Very finely detailed okay so let's put That in there and we can select our AI Ends there's two AI engines that we can Assert that we can come from here is Stable diffusion and doll E2 so Um If you don't know the difference between The two you can look them up you can Google them you can see the differences Between images Dolly 2 is more of in my Opinion it's more of like a cartoonish Type of images those are good for Um like little if you want to do Vector Images or if you want to do logos Dolly 2 is great for Logos but if you want to Do like photographic images and things Like that stable diffusion is the better One to go with here now you're going to See down below it says this generation Will consume one credit so stable Diffusion will stable diffusion at the Large image Dimension will consume one Credit If you go with dolly two Dolly 2 is a Little more expensive it generates it's The generation cost for dolly two at a Large five by twelve by five or five Twelve by five twelve it's going to be Nine credits out of your 500 a month so

Keep that in mind too dolly two is a Little more expensive Uh to do that so let's go ahead and We'll go ahead and do stable diffusion And we'll keep it as large here are here Are our options a small large and extra Large so the small will consume a half a Credit and the large will consume one Credit and then the extra large will Consume four credits And the extra large is 1024 by 10 24. so We're going to just stick with large Here And let's go ahead and create image now This really doesn't take a whole lot of Whole long time you're going to see the Preview here and here is our generated Image so we have a couple options here We can download it and we can give it a Thumbs up or a thumbs down so I like This image I think it's a really nice Looking image Um really not many imperfections with This image other than maybe the Hat Doesn't look all in a two cement Symmetrical but that's not a big that's Not a big important thing for me Um so I'm going to give this a thumbs up Thank you for sharing your feedback and I can download it if I want now Um I did show you the image upscaler so In order to get this image upscale what We need to do is we need to right click On this image and then we would need to

Um copy image address okay copy image Address and then we'll go to the image Upscaler and we'll go ahead and paste This in my in our URL l Box And let me make sure there's no spaces In here there's not even though it looks Like there is and it will submit and This is going to upscale this image that We just created of Santa Claus And this image it's just been upscaled And then we can have the option to Download it here so we have created a Image of Santa Claus and we've also Upscaled it in just a few seconds less Than a minute less than a minute this Took now the difference between and mid journey and Dolly 2 Is that this only generates one image Per generation per generation now Mid-journary and Dolly 2 will give you Like four or five per generation but This one only does one so keep that in Mind as well Let's go ahead and create another one We'll do Um A quiet Cottage in the woods At Christmas time And we'll do Very finely detailed Put a graphic Detail

Okay Now photographic quality is what I want Photographic quality and we're going to Keep this a stable diffusion and we're Going to do a large 5x by 5 by 12 or 512 By 512 okay and I'm just going to Consume one credit create image and it's Going to go ahead and create our image Now we can also see how many credits we Have by clicking our picture up here So if we click our picture up here Um we have Um 360. I have 369 credits left we can See that at any time that we want by Clicking that up there And here is our generated image and if We double click on that we can see a Bigger image here And Um that is our quiet College in the Woods at Christmas time And we can let's go ahead and Generate another one Let's generate a grumpy cat See what a grumpy cat looks like with Stable diffusion here and There's our Grumpy Cat Um let's go ahead and use the same Prompt in Dolly too so I'll show you a Difference here between the two AI Engines so let's go ahead and create And we'll see what the difference is Between the two Okay so grumpy cat

Here and uh let me just look uh Portrait of Santa Claus And we'll do that so you can see the Difference between that and what we Previously got And that is a portrait of Santa Claus Looks more like a ceramic portrait of Santa Claus Um okay so we'll stick with Dolly too And we're gonna do a logo for a Car wash And we'll see Um I noticed that Dolly 2 does really Good logos for the most part so let's go Ahead and see see how the uh The the logo how good the logo is let's Create another one But um At this point in time Um with AI images at its infancy Um we'll do colorful AI images at its infancy it's really not Uh creating text all that well right now So you're probably going to have to take The text out Okay so it does a pretty good job at Logos you might have to fine-tune your Prompts to get exactly what you want but I'm not going to go into detail with the Prompts I just want to kind of show you How everything works and last but not Least we're going to do another one here Um

A teddy bear sitting on a rocking chair And we're very Currently detailed Photographic Quality so so I find that very finely Detailed and photographic quality gives Me the best images So I'm going to leave it to that that's Usually what I do With every image on here unless I want Like a cartoony image and there is my Teddy bear sitting on a rocking chair so That came out pretty good so Um I hope you found this video helpful On my review don't forget I'm doing that giveaway Um Click the link down below sign up all You have to do is enter your email in There and Um I'll be emailing all of the winners on December 24th and Um you can go ahead and pick up at the link below it's on Appsumo uh right now for 29 for a Lifetime deal this includes all the Updates in the future you can't go wrong With this 500 credits every single month Let me go ahead and show you real quick Here the regular pricing on this uh There does give you a free plan of 20 Image credits a month now if you were to Go the 500 image credits that would cost

You nine dollars a month right now this Pricing may change in the future but Your lifetime you have for life so One-time payment and that's it Nine dollars a month right now for the Premium plan for 500 image credits and Um you get access to uh to everything on Here as well So thank you for watching be sure to Subscribe and I'll see you in the next Video

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