2 HUGE Opportunities on YouTube Right Now!

2 HUGE Opportunities on YouTube Right Now!

Sean covers 2 new huge opportunities on YouTube right now that you need to jump on!

So there are some major things that we Need to talk about and specifically two May massive opportunities for YouTube Creators to jump on right now and so in This video we’re going to be talking About new announcements that reveal YouTube’s future plans and this is Actually from an internal leaked slide Deck from Google and YouTube we’re going To be answering the question how long Should your YouTube videos be to hack The algorithm get more views get more Subscribers and then also we’re going to Be announcing the winner of our YouTube Studio giveaway and I’ve got some good News because we’re doing another Giveaway so if you want to get a free Camera lighting the whole setup I’ll Tell you details about that and then we Also have a really cool event coming up Soon if you’re serious about growing Your YouTube channel but let’s dive Straight into this so there’s two major Uh opportunities for creators right now Kind of answering this question of what Are YouTube’s future plans like what are The future plans of YouTube and so one Of the ways we can know that is of Course like what’s happening behind the Scenes at YouTube and I’m not sure if You saw this but there was actually a Leaked slide deck that hints at YouTube’s future plans for podcasts this Slide deck it was uh something like 84

Pages and it had all of these different Details about ingestion how they’ll be Bringing in RSS feeds so there’s an Audio play here not just a video podcast Play how there’s going to be Google so Sold audio ads partner sold audio ads And their whole plan they’ve hired an Executive To be running the podcast Division and There is also TechCrunch did an article About YouTube maybe getting a dedicated Podcasts home page well I’ve got news For you it’s not maybe they will they Actually do now and if you go to Youtube.com forward slash podcasts it’s Just in early development but you can Actually see YouTube’s intentionality of Investing in podcasts this is a big deal Because it’s letting us know maybe You’ve noticed that you know we had Patrick McDavid speaking at our event He’s got a big podcast impulsive right Logan Paul he’s got a big podcast IJustine H3h3 video podcasting has been a thing But YouTube is going heavy and deep and What they’re trying to do is they’re Trying to become the number one Destination kind of for everything short Form content long form content audio Podcast there’s a whole back end of Monetization that is happening with all Of this but the rabbit hole goes deeper Um the hustle wrote an article about

YouTube being the future podcast champ So they hired a podcast executive They’ve offered podcast Um podcasters and networks fifty Thousand to three hundred thousand Dollars to create uh video versions of Their audio podcast now you might be Wondering can I get on in on that Probably not they’ve already done this But again somebody that is just doing Audio Only YouTube’s saying hey turn a Camera on set up some different cameras Upload this to YouTube as well they’ve Discussed audio ads New analytics for Audio-centric creators they’ve partnered With NPR to bring many of their popular Shows to YouTube and so opportunity Number one of the two big opportunities Is long-form content and video Podcasting I would argue that in a world Where everyone’s saying okay let’s go Tick Tick Tock let’s do YouTube shorts People are underestimating the Opportunity and power of long form Content and specific specifically video Podcasting this 85 page leaked slide Deck is telling us that this is where The future is going now I’m going to Share opportunity number two in just a Second but we need to announce the Giveaway winner of our YouTube Studio Sony zve E10 DD mic all the different Stuff drum roll please Hit like if you’re fired up hit like if

You’re pumped to make a video podcast Um but uh let’s announce the winner for This and congratulations to resurrecting Hope and thank you so much for Participating and thank you to everybody That participated in this giveaway this Is Angel and Leah from Silverton Texas And so we’re shipping all this stuff out To them but hey good news because there Is another giveaway that we are we’re Spinning around and we’re doing it again So if you’re actually if you didn’t win This time and you would love a chance to Get a full YouTube Studio SD card camera Lighting microphone tripod win this Tech.com or there’s a link in the Description down below so that you could Um be entered to win that next full YouTube Studio giveaway that we’re doing But now let’s go into opportunity number Two and it’s connected to this question Of how long should YouTube videos be Have you ever asked that Um how long are your YouTube videos let Me know in the comments I get this question all the time Sean is There a magic number at three minutes Five minutes is it what do you mean Video podcast should I be uploading hour Long videos I thought it’s all about YouTube shorts right now well we’re Gonna answer that question in just a Second but let’s actually talk about the Second big opportunity and that is short

Form content and YouTube shorts Here’s what we’re doing we’ve got major Tension here we’ve got YouTube shorts Blowing up and we’ve got a leaked Document from YouTube about long-form Content so Sean which is it is it short Form is it long form the answer is not Either or it’s both and and that’s what The data is showing us in fact YouTube Shorts there’s a lot of new news that’s Come out lately YouTube Um is now launching this new username Format and one of the reasons they’ve Basically created handles and they’re Rolling those out and if you haven’t Heard about this this is Essentially kind of turning not your YouTube name but your channel URL into a Handle so that it’s easily clickable in A lot of places but specifically in the YouTube shorts player so this is a way To to simplify so just like you could Click on someone’s Tick Tock profile you Can now click on their YouTube profile And it may or may not be connected to Your actual Channel URL it may actually Be something that you customize we could Talk more about that later but that uh Is a as a new rollout again further Galvanizing their commitment to sort of Modern communication and YouTube shorts Furthermore you’ve probably heard that YouTube is added a new ad program that’s Rolling out with the goal of stealing

Content creators away from Tick Tock They’re going to be doing a 45 Revenue Split there’s some opportunities here That you could actually join the ypp the Partner program not with long form Content but just with short form content If you have a thousand subscribers and 10 million shorts views which sound Sounds like a lot and is a lot but Shorts do have this real option of Getting lots of views and going viral There’s the monetization piece there’s Also all kinds of updates coming to Shorts like YouTube shorts adds another Tick Tock feature a voice narration and So the creation tool In your YouTube app which side tip if You haven’t uploaded updated your YouTube app recently what have you been Doing come on man if you haven’t Downloaded the YouTube studio app come On and if you’re and if you’re a parent Like me and you don’t have YouTube kids How are you even surviving I’ve got a 40 Three day old John Stephen is 43 days old I know Because he was born September 1st I got A two-year-old YouTube kids is how we Stay sane at the end of a long day after Work so anyways that’s some side tip Like YouTube app YouTube studio app if You’re a Creator and YouTube kids if You’re a parent make sure those are Updated because as you update those apps

If you don’t have Auto apps on Android Or iPhone get those at least two apps um And a lot of people don’t know about the YouTube studio app which is is really Cool so when you’re in your YouTube app To bring it all the way back the Features there for creating shorts are Evolving and of course as you use those New features a lot of times that’s what Pleases YouTube the most of course Content matters most but just a little Tip there and then A few months back Todd the product Manager from YouTube and Mr Beast were Having a discussion and this crazy Bombshell dropped of like Todd saying You know what guys YouTube shorts And long form content don’t talk like This is an estranged family relationship You know what I mean that kind of hit a Sore spot you’re like yeah me and my Aunt we don’t talk me and my sister Don’t talk they’re like we have the YouTube shorts things going on we’ve got Long form going on but they do not Communicate a few weeks or months later Todd released a tweet and he just posted Another one that says this there’s still More Lanes under construction on shorts To the long form Bridge from YouTube Shorts to long-form YouTube videos and The bridge between the two don’t judge The traffic flow you’re seeing today as

The ultimate potential of this path So what does this tell me this tells me That If you’ve been uploading shorts and feel Like they haven’t been like leading to Actually getting long-form viewers Todd’s saying don’t quit In the past they really weren’t talking Now they’re talking more and he’s saying They’re developers at YouTube are Creating Lanes of communication that Accomplish what Your short form leading to long form and I’m assuming you’re a long-form leading Short form in both so when we look at The opportunity of long-form content Video podcasting then we look at the Opportunity of discoverability shorts Can get a lot of views someone who Doesn’t know you can get to know you They’re easy to create you could chop Shorts you can create shorts out of Your long-form content one of the best Strategies is to have a video podcast Cut out the Highlight moments But if you start positioning yourself Now Then Todd’s saying don’t even judge your Traffic right now just know we’re Committed to this if you start posting Long form and YouTube shorts mastering This these skill sets that the YouTube Algorithm is committed to the bridge of Communication between short form and

Long form so when people ask me Sean how Long should my YouTube videos be what’s The ideal length my 2023 answer is yes They they should and they go and it’s Like what but no I mean like how long Should they be you should be doing seven Second shorts you should be doing 60 Second shorts yeah but I mean like What’s the ideal length three minutes Eight minutes Now there is some magic that happens of Course at eight minutes you can add Multiple ad spots you know there Sometimes is something that happens if You’re in the 15 to 20 minute range Just the total average view duration can Be interesting but what’s fascinating is You should be doing videos that are an Hour long and wait for it I think you should be doing videos that Are two to three hours long and I don’t Just mean live streams let me back this Up with a few things here’s first of all Let’s look at our data here’s the top 10 Videos of all time on think media uh the Top most viewed video and the winner is Nolan molt with 8.4 million views on a YouTube short YouTube shorts can can Smash and in this case Um this one is our number one now number Two or most viewed video at four million Views is is almost uh four minutes the Third one’s fifteen fourth one seven The fifth one is seven then we go to

Eleven Fourteen and then we have a video That’s two hours and five minutes how to Make a YouTube video from start to Finish 2.6 million views then we have a Five minute video and then a 39 minute Video so I know that this is just one Point of view from one education channel To be clear it’s not an entertainment Channel ultimately hopefully it’s at Times entertaining but we’re here to Teach you YouTube help you learn to Monetize your channel figure out your Camera but what’s Wild is even if I Study my top 10 videos in our team’s top 10 videos it’s all the way from less Than 60 seconds to two hours and five Minutes and one other example is my Friend Lewis Howes if I look at his top 10 videos and both Lewis and Evan Carmichael they’re experiencing that Videos that are two hours to over three Hours are performing best for them Lewis’s top five videos four of them are Over two hours long some as long as 2 Hours and 20 six minutes now again it Depends on the niche in this case Evan Carmichael Lewis house they’re they’re Doing compilations Evan has a lot of Repurposed OPC other people’s content Not OPP but Naughty by Nature but no OPC Other people’s content He’s Evan’s doing that you know Lewis is Bringing people into a studio he’s got a Video podcast but then he also stitches

Compilations together they’re over two To three hours my friends those are the Most viewed videos and we don’t have Time to go into it now but ultimately What’s fascinating is my friend Erica Kohlberg released a whole breakdown on How much money she’s made on Tick Tock Instagram and YouTube YouTube shorts Versus YouTube long form so even from a Monetization standpoint one of the Reasons why you want to be playing in Both short form and long form is her YouTube shorts earned her like 300 bucks And one YouTube video could earn her Like 30 000 if it went viral because of Even how things uh how money flows to Long-form content so all of that to say Just answering the question how long Should your videos be Absolutely I mean that’s that’s what I would agree With what Sean that’s not a clear answer I like all of the above what’s the Framework who is the content for What will satisfy the viewer What is the intent of the video What is your strategy with that piece of Content you should upload a 20 second Short with the strategy of getting to Meet new people and there could be a Place in your content strategy for Uploading a two hour Deep dive video or More in-depth tutorial or of course Tapping into live streaming

For the purpose of going deeper and I Think the creators that are going to Succeed the most are ones that are like A Swiss army knife they’re multifaceted You know if you look at the top 50 Growing channels in most viewed channels Right now on something like tube filter About half of them are shorts channels It’s a whole wave But what we’ve also learned is that Sometimes for people creating short form Content the depth of a relationship Isn’t as significant I’m not judging Anything I’m just paying attention to Everything and what we’re seeing this is A big opportunity and big trend is we’re Seeing a tension between both short form And long form and I think that the Smartest creators are going to be very Thoughtful about how they’re playing in Both formats now if you want help Growing and a successful YouTube channel And wanting to go deeper on this Specifically in 2023 then I want to Invite you if you would love this kind Of content and you’d love to go deeper And you haven’t heard about our Challenge it’s starting soon it’s live It’s five days of deep content in fact Check out this video this video is Brought to you by Tube1kchallenge.com join the free Five-day YouTube challenge and learn how To turn on an endless stream of YouTube

Views and then turn those views into Money join now by going to tube1k Challenge.com Com or clicking the link In the description How many different offices I mean the Where that video was shot that was That’s up in Seattle I’m here in Anderson Studios we call it this is Kyle Anderson if you haven’t seen our video Where I was a beginner editor versus Advanced editor that’s in our library Definitely check that one out but that’s What what a Vibe give me a thumbs up if You’re liking Kyle Anderson’s live Stream live here but all that to say is If you haven’t registered uh for our Challenge Um this is going to be our real Commitment is to take five days about 45 Minutes of strategic content every day To help you start grow or break through A plateau of your YouTube channel and What’s working right now what are the Video strategies for growth and we’re Going to do q a a lot of other cool Things it’s totally free there’s some Like higher levels Um you could join VIP and stuff which Just gets you into like an extra hour of Q a but if you don’t want to do any of The other stuff it’s free it’s entirely Free it’s five days long massive value If you want to upgrade to a higher level You could do that as well but all the

Details are at tube 1K challenge dot com If you got value today hit the like Button subscribe to the channel and if You want to check out one of the recent Videos that Nolan molt on the team did Breaking down some YouTube tips that you Need to know click or tap the screen Right now to go watch that my name is Sean Cannell rhymes with YouTube channel Appreciate you and we will talk soon

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